Man faces criminal charges for holding 300 gallons of urine in home


Though he's yet to be charged, police are figuring out what they can do with a Newtown, Conn.

Video games

A proposed 24 hour online cease fire to honor the victims of Sandy Hook


Many believe that video games are to blame for what happened last Friday morning in Newtown, Connecticut.

President Obama

President Obama Responds to Newtown High School Football Coach’s Whiteboard Note


Before delivering a powerful speech at Newtown High School on Sunday evening, President Obama prepared in a nearby staging area.

Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Protest at Sandy Hook, Because They’re the Worst F*cking People


I know this is said again and again and again, every time the Westboro Baptist Church does something like this, but since these people are such unconscionable monsters we have to run through it again and again and again: Something has to be done to stop them.

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