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Bored? Watch Yourself the Best News Bloopers of August


What If Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Were Hamas Terrorists?

The Israeli-Gaza conflict has made July pretty shitty in the world of hard news.

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers of the Month

Everybody bloops.

Israeli Women Are Posting Pictures of Their T & A on Facebook to Support the IDF

Rarely do we dabble in complex geopolitical conflicts here at BroBible, but this story is weirdly up our alley.

CNN Reporter Delivers Story on Ridiculous Japanese Mascot, Can’t Stop Laughing

Look at this guy, though.

Fire in Netherlands Emits Extremely Creepy Elephant-Shaped Smoke

Yeah, that's not good.

Seniors Turn High School Into Urine-Filled Wonderland As Part of ‘Hilarious’ ‘Prank’

A hypothetical question: if someone were to shoot you in the kneecap and explain it away as a "prank," would you laugh?

Sore ‘Call of Duty’ Loser Calls SWAT Team on His Opponent’s Actual House

He was the victim of a real-life Eric Cartman.

Did This Kid Really Survive a Flight to Hawaii in Plane’s Landing Gear?

Today's strangest Internet story involves a 16-year-old kid, a plane to Maui, and hibernation.

Hero Who Saved Others from Harm During High School Knife Attack Poses for Hospital Selfie

Franklin Senior High School's Nate Scimio made the call to pull a fire alarm.

Obama Protester Attacks Chicago Reporter on Live Television, Gets Put in His Place

Breaking: Your bones.

Man Killed to Death


Omaha News Station Goes There With Malaysian Flight 370-’Lost’ Graphic

Yeahhhh..... You can't do this when you're a legit news source.

STOP EVERYTHING: Australia Says It May Have Found Wreckage From Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 In The Indian Ocean

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott  says Australia may have found imagery related to a Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the jetliner missing for […]

OK, Now THIS Is the Craziest (Yet Seemingly Realistic) Theory About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Earlier today I told you about a seemingly logical theory for what may have actually happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Soldier Returns from Afghanistan to Find His Wife Dropped 100 Pounds; Soldier Is Very Happy

Army wife of the year? Army wife of the year.

Watch a Stanford Professor of Physics Find Out He Was Right All Along About the Big Bang

Yesterday, researchers at the South Pole announced the first direct evidence supporting the Big Bang.

Seattle Television News Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle

Doesn't look good.

Finally, a Logical Theory About Malaysia Airways Flight 370 That Makes Sense

It's been 10 full days since Malaysia Airways Flight 370 disappeared enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Cheerleader Who Sued Parents for Tuition Moves Back in with Parents

Hey, VH1, have the Cannings got a reality show for you!

A Building ‘Exploded’ in the Middle of Harlem Today; At Least One Dead with Toll Expected to Rise

A building exploded and collapsed in Harlem this morning, injuring at least 17 people and killing one.

Steve Irwin’s Horrifying Final Moments Detailed in Interview by Cameraman

Steve Irwin's longtime cameraman Justin Lyons spoke out this week on what exactly happened when Irwin was killed by a stingray.

SAT Scoring Changes; Bragging About Your Score to Become Markedly Harder

RIP the 2400-point SAT score: 2005 - 2016.

New Jersey Cheerleader Sues Parents to Pay for High School and College Tuition; Loses Case

Rachel Canning, an 18-year-old from Morristown, N.J., sued her estranged parents this week because they wouldn't pay for her private high school tuition.

We All Almost Died From a Giant Asteroid Yesterday… And That’s Just the Beginning of the Story

Yesterday while you were enjoying your Presidents Day, a massive asteroid that’s about the size of three football fields flew […]

This Serial Killer Claims She’s the Real-Life ‘Dexter’

Over the past five years, a 19-year-old Satanist named Miranda Barbour claims she killed at least 22 people. The number 22 […]

Kevin O’Leary Says 3.5 Billion People Living in Poverty is ‘Fantastic News,’ Remains Enormous Dick

It's the question that crosses your mind every time you watch Shark Tank: Does Kevin O'Leary actually believe what he says? Or does he know that

5 Things I Learned Working With Somali Pirates

Over the past few years, Somali pirates have hijacked a boat full of Ukranian tanks, extorted billions of dollars from the shipping industry, and appeared

The Most Racist Moments of 2013

Racism is sadly still alive and well in the world in 2013.

What? More News Bloopers From 2013? Yes!

You're probably sitting there thinking you've seen all of the news bloopers of 2013. Hell, we feel partially responsible for giving you that inaccurate perception.  

Conan O’Brien Proves Local News is All the Same

In addition to his many other jobs, Conan O'Brien is a keen observer of trends in local journalism. With nothing better to do, he spends

The 25 Craziest Things That Happened in Florida in 2013

According to estimates and studies by the US Census Bureau, the population of Florida in 2013 was estimated to be 19,317,568. It’s the fourth largest

Female News Reporter Practically Tells Dude On-Air That She Wants His Dick (Update)

That headline isn't even an exaggeration. She pulled the let-me-tell-him-I want-that-dick-ON-LIVE-TV move and the look on his face quickly switched from "What the fuck did she

George Zimmerman Arrested Again in Florida

Hey look, George Zimmerman is back in the headlines again. WESH reports Zimmerman "has been arrested in a domestic dispute involving his 'girlfriend,' law enforcement said." Here's

The FAA FINALLY Says You Can Keep Your Phone On During Takeoff and Landing

Good news for Bros who like to travel... The FAA just announced that passengers are allowed to use electronic devices during all phases of flight,

High-Dollar Department Store Barneys Has Teen Arrested for Being Black

A lot of people have a story about being treated like shit by a snooty department store manager. Trayon Christian's is worse than yours. After

Ariel Castro May Have Died from Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Not Suicide

The man who kept three women prisoner for a decade and pled guilty earlier this year to 937 counts of rape and kidnapping, Ariel Castro, may not

Fox News Hilariously Falls for Fake News Story

Regardless of the news station and its political persuation, getting trolled by a fake news organization is funny. So it happened last week to Fox News' Anna Kooiman, who

Some Bikers Aren’t Getting Charged in New York Motorcycle Assault

The man who smashed Alexian Lien’s window after a chase down the West Side Highway will not be charged with a crime, according to the New

Biker from This Weekend’s New York City Incident Could Be Paralyzed for Life

Over the weekend, the Internet paid host to helmet-cam footage of a violent West Side Highway altercation between a group of motorcyclists and a driver of a