Look At This Character Catcalling Women During A Report About… You Guessed It Anti-Catcalling


This week is International Anti-Street Harassment Week and the campaign has been punctuated by more than 50 signs being posted around New York City that say “No Catcall Zone.

odor in the court

Someone Ripped An Apocalyptic Fart During A Trial That Evacuated An Entire Courtroom–Respect.


Someone ripped such a cataclysmic fart yesterday during a trial in Britain that the whole fucking room had to evacuate.


Video: Dude Arrested After Flying Piece Of Shit Helicopter Onto U.S. Capitol Lawn While Trying To Deliver Letters To Congress


  You have to hand it to Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old mailman from Florida, for his determination.


Florida Dude High On Flakka Strips Naked, Has Sex With A Tree, All While Claiming To Be God–And You Can’t Prove He’s Not


We've been reporting as many Flakka-related arrests as we can here at BroBible, because well, they're fucking hilarious.


Florida Dude High On Flakka Gets Ass Naked And Runs Through Streets Chasing Invisible Pants Thief


Last week, I posted about a drug called 'Flakka' that is flooding the streets of Florida.


This Easter Bunny With $30,000 Of Meth Stuffed Up Its Ass Is The Definition Of ‘Hopped Up’


Oklahoma police report that they intercepted a package last week containing a stuffed Easter bunny containing two pounds of meth worth over $30,000.

uber fail

Uber Driver Drops Woman Off At Airport, Then Doubles Back To Rob Her House, And I’ll Take The Bus Thanks


Gerald Montgomery, 51-year-old Uber driver in Denver, was arrested this week after driving a woman to the airport, wishing her a safe flight, and then immediately driving back to rob her house.

busy daddy

This Unemployed Dude Who Has 40 Children With 20 Different Women Could Be Your Father


Unemployed former fairground operator Mike Holpin, has fathered 40 children with 20 different women.

heel in head

Man Hospitalized With Heel Lodged In Head After Fight With Wife, We Hope Heel Recover


A Saudi Arabian man was admitted to the hospital with a Stiletto (I think that's a high heel) lodged in his dome piece.

drunk toddler

Texas Roadhouse Accidentally Serves Toddler Sangria Instead Of Cranberry Juice, Drunkenness Ensues


A two-year-old toddler from North Carolina was probably not planning on getting smashed when her parents took her to the Texas Roadhouse in Asheville for her dad's 25th birthday.

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