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‘Louis Slung-Poo’ Prank Calls News Station During UCLA Water-Main Break

UCLA students gotta up their courtesy flush game.

Good Day NY’s ‘Name That Tune’ Game Goes From Lame to Amazing With The Simple Addition of DMX Rapping ‘Suck My Dick’

For future reference, "Explicit" means it has curses in it.

Shirtless Bro Holds Dog and Asks Out Hot Reporter on Live TV During LA Wildfire Interview

"Wow, you're super pretty, wanna go on a date sometime?"

News Crew Member Dives on Ground, Attempts to Crawl Off Set When He Realizes He’s On Air

Who reacts like this?

Woman Requested to Remain Anonymous During News Interview, So They Pointed the Camera at her Massive Camel Toe

Nice work, Cameraman.

Babe Reporter Kacie McDonnell Pretty Sure Philadelphia Eagles Will ‘Win the Cup’

This is Fox Philadelphia reporter Kacie McDonnell. She used to date Christian Ponder, so athletes’ groin areas are never far from her mind. Perhaps that

It Sure Looks Like a Detroit News Station Showed a Corpse Floating in a Lake

This is a little disconcerting.

The ‘F*cking Sh*t’ Weekend Anchor Has, Incredibly, Been Fired

I'm very sad about this news, even if everyone who watched the video yesterday saw it coming: A.J. Clemente, whose first-ever words on air as

Sorry, George Stephanopoulos… That’s Bill Russell at the Inauguration, Not Morgan Freeman

Did you watch the Inauguration today? Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce sang! A poet read poetry! Barack Obama addressed the second term of his presidency with

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb When She Hears That Peyton Manning Will Sign with Broncos

Not everybody was happy to hear that Peyton Manning would be signing with the Denver Broncos.

Why Did This Weather Reporter Storm Off Set After Yelling ‘Son of a B*tch! Why Is This Happening?’

Rough day for Rachael Plath, the weather reporter at Colorado's KRDO. Here she is storming off set during a live broadcasting, yelling, "son

Bicycling Fail During Live News

Showoff tries to sneak onto the live broadcast, but ends up with a mouthful of pavement.

Bored? Watch the Ultimate Double Entendre/‘That’s What She Said’ News Blooper Montage

Ah, who doesn't love it when a dirty joke slips through the cracks and makes its way into a live news broadcast? The

Bored? Watch the News Anchor Fail Compilation 2011

Come on, now. It's Wednesday night. You're already procrastinating anyway. Might as well be entertained and have a few chuckles at watching a