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Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers of the Month

Everybody bloops.

Chicago Man Attempting ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Videobomb Fails Miserably Thanks to Asshole News Guy

When fucking her right in the pussy goes wrong.

Good Day NY’s ‘Name That Tune’ Game Goes From Lame to Amazing With The Simple Addition of DMX Rapping ‘Suck My Dick’

For future reference, "Explicit" means it has curses in it.

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers From May 2014

May 2014 will go down as a great month for news bloopers.

News Anchor Accidentally Calls Fire Truck ‘Fuck Truck’ On Air

It rhymes.

Reporter Gets Stuck in Mud During Live Report — and That’s Not a Metaphor

Sticky situation.

A String of Snot Dripped Out of a News Reporter’s Nose Mid-Segment, Naturally She Sucked It Into Her Mouth

California’s KTVU reporter Heather Holmes is a consummate professional through and through. Need something reported? She’ll be there and her […]

What? More News Bloopers From 2013? Yes!

You're probably sitting there thinking you've seen all of the news bloopers of 2013. Hell, we feel partially responsible for giving you that inaccurate perception.  

Wichita News Anchor Ends Broadcast by Expressing Desire to ‘Get the Fuck Out of Here’

KSN Wichita's Justin Kraemer was having a fine newscast on Saturday night. Until the end. He really fucked up the end.

Detroit Television Station Remembers Nelson Mandela With Alex Rodriguez Graphic

Nelson Mandela’s death is understandably dominating the news cycle. He cemented his legacy as one of history’s most influential political figures long, long ago. As

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers October 2013

These are the bloopiest news bloopers for October 2013 you're going to find. We promise...or something. 

Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit for Grape Nuts, Eats it on Air

Scot Haney is a weatherman for CBS’ Hartford affiliate. But he’ll be forever known as the guy who ate cat puke on the air.

When Local News Banter Goes Wrong: The Little Wiener Edition

How would she know? HOW WOULD SHE KNOW? Someone please alert the human resources department. 

BBC Reporter Holds Ream of Paper During Report After Mistaking It for His iPad

It must have been a rough night or a rough morning – perhaps both – for BBC News reporter Simon McCoy. He was to deliver

Who Won Golf’s Douchebag Championship Anyway?

Sometimes I think local news people are intentionally committing egregious errors solely for the viral video fame. God knows we’d all like to suckle on

Sports Anchor Mentions 28 Professional Wrestlers While Delivering the Night’s Sports Highlights

Adam Lefkoe, a sports anchor for WHAS11in Louisville just made one spectacularly done viral video on company time by adding some WWE excitement to his

South African Sports Show Gets Off to Abominable Start

Let me stress that these are the first two goddamn minutes of the show to ever air. There’s a stark difference between getting off to

Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers From August 2013

"I'm in a glass case of emotion!"

British Reporter Falls During Live Report With Typical British Dignity and Grace

Humor is constantly evolving. One thing, however, has remained hilarious from the dawn of time until present day: people falling and hurting themselves.

Foul-Mouthed Anchor A.J. Clemente is Now a Bartender in Dewey Beach

Great #*@@ing work if you can get it.

Just a Video of a News Reporter Drawing a Giant Penis on Live TV

Giggety, giggety, giggety. Nothing funnier than dongs in unusual every day places. H/T: Hypervocal. 

Tom Rinaldi Jokes About Jordan Spieth’s Lack of Underwear, Then Leaves Him Hanging on Handshake

For his part, Spieth handled this on-air flub pretty goddamn well. Looked right into the camera with a Yeah, I just got Rinaldi'd grin on

Australian Newswoman Suffers Embarrassing ‘On-Screen Death’

Before you drop your best “And Boom Goes the Dynamite” jokes, know that she had no script and no autocue. And then laugh. Laugh heartily.

Watch an Indian Reporter Cover a Flood from Atop Shoulders of Wading Victim

"Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?" - George Constanza

Bored? Check Out the Best News Bloopers June 2013

The second guy looks TERRIFIED after he pledges his allegiance to a fag.

Woman Throws Rocks at Reporter, Then Outsources Job to Her Pit Bulls

Providence’s ABC affiliate, WLNE, sent a reporter and cameraman to get reaction from the mother of a shooting victim. Things did NOT go well. The

Comely Phillies Reporter Sigourney McLeaf Suffers From a Bit of a ‘Tongue Twat’

There are news bloopers and then there are NEWS BLOOPERS. This boner from PHL 17’s Sigourney McLeaf qualifies as the latter.

Bored? Check Out the Best News Bloopers May 2013

No better way to ease back into work after a nice three-day weekend than by wasting 10-minutes watching this news bloopers compilation video.

Newsman Pulls a Ron Burgundy, Sneaks Line About Liking Drugs Into Coworker’s Teleprompter

Australian TV presenter Karl Stefanovic is something of a legend Down Under. He hosts Nine Network's morning show Today, and he rules: Look at this eight-minute

Bored? Watch the Best News Bloopers of April

Apparently, people other than A.J. Clemente made complete fools of themselves on news broadcasts this month. Here is a 10-minute compilation of their misfortunes for

A.J. ‘F*cking Sh*t’ Clemente Explained Himself on the ‘Today Show’

A.J. Clemente, the foul-mouthed anchor fired by an NBC affiliate for his profanity-laced debut, appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning. Raise your hand if

Fox News Reporter Mike Tobin Stiff-Arms Two Girls Trying to Kiss Him Mid-Report

Fox News’ Mike Tobin was delivering what was an understandably somber report from Boston yesterday when two girls tried to run into his shot and

The ‘F*cking Sh*t’ Weekend Anchor Has, Incredibly, Been Fired

I'm very sad about this news, even if everyone who watched the video yesterday saw it coming: A.J. Clemente, whose first-ever words on air as

A.J. Clemente’s First Words As a Television News Anchor Were ‘F*cking Sh*t’

It was A.J. Clemente’s first day at the anchor desk for Bismark’s NBC affiliate KFYR. It was also likely his last day at the anchor

Bored? Watch the Best News Bloopers of March

Do you think newscasters are mortified when their mistakes show up on these things or do they see it as a badge of honor? Think

Watch a Compilation of the Best News Bloopers of March

You know you've seen a few too many viral videos lately when you start to recognize the obscure local-news bloopers in this compilation... from the

Videobomber Grabs Reporter’s Head, Dry Humps It and Leaves

This happened in Perth, Australia, where they apparently have an awful lot of tolerance. And how about that Wu-Tang Clan American Flag T-shirt? Stunning. So

Two Dudes Video Bombed a Reporter By Dry Humping Each Other on Live TV

What was their end game here? I mean, of all the stupid things I'd do behind a reporter dry fucking my friend... probably lands as

Bored? Check Out January’s Best News Bloopers Compilation

You have to hand it to the first guy, he just keeps fixing himself long after the camera starts rolling. Puts on some makeup, perks-up

Bored? Check Out the Best F*cking F-Bomb News Bloopers Compilation

Four minutes of uncensored fun right here. Get some, ya fuckers.