kristi capel

Cleveland Newscaster Kristi Capel Weighs In On Lady Gaga’s ‘Jigaboo’ Music, Probably Wants A Do-Over


We're going to assume Kristi Capel didn't know what jigaboo meant before she used it to describe Lady Gaga's music early this morning.

fox news

Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Slips And Calls Mike Huckabee’s Show ‘Fuckabee’


Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly Files, was introducing former Arkansas governor and fellow Fox News host Mike Huckabee to her show when she inadvertently replaced the H in his name with an F, which is funny because then she ended up saying the word "fuck" on live national television.


This Dog Doesn’t Give A Crap About Live TV, He’s Taking Over This Weather Report


Edmonton weatherman Mike Sobel had special guest for this weather report this week.


TWC News In Austin Tweeted A Traffic Update Last Night. Just Kidding! They Posted Photos Of Guy’s Dicks Instead.


You would think that if you are using your work computer for storing tons of pornography (straight or gay) that you would be extra careful when operating, and posting photos to, your company's Twitter account.

News bloopers

‘Fuck It, I Quit': News Reporter Quits On-Air After Outing Herself As The Founder Of The Alaska Cannabis Club


In the middle of a segment about legalizing marijuana, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene outed herself as the founder and owner of Alaska's Cannabis Club.

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