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The 1st Person Footage Of These Tricycle Riders Peeling Down The World’s Steepest Street Is Insanity


What you just witnessed first person at terrifyingly fast speeds is what they call "drift triking.


New Zealand Is Suffering From A Severe Weed Shortage, So They Should Like Hit Me Up


New Zealand is suffering from the most dire weed shortage in recent memory.

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Serial Pooper Known As The ‘Brown Bomber’ Keeps Dropping Undetected Aqua Dumps In A City Pool

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For the sixth week in a row the staff at Splash Palace Aquatic Centre has been forced to call a 'Code Brown' after a faceless man (or woman) known as the 'Brown Bomber' has pooped in the pool.


Great White Shark Steals Fish Right Next To The Boat—Viciously Saws Fish In Half Like A Boss


This video comes to us by way of New Zealand (where it's still Summer) and it shows a group of fishermen reeling in a trophy catch somewhere offshore when a juvenile great white shark pops up and bites their fish in half right at the boat.


United States Basketball Stars Spellbound by New Zealand’s Pregame Haka Dance


  The United States trounced New Zealand, 98-71, today at the FIBA Basketball World Cup.


Blonde bikini girl has the worst fit of road rage ever captured on video


A video of a blonde woman in a bikini getting into an altercation with two other women in New Zealand has gone viral on Facebook in the past week.


Guy finds entire house re-plumbed with beer


A guy in New Zealand came home to find his entire house re-plumbed to have beer flowing from every tap.


Guy pranks supermarket by acting like giant a-hole


As part of a segment on a New Zealand show, a guy is instructed to prank people at a supermarket.

New Zealand

Cat survives over a year on nothing but McDonald’s


I said I'd never cover cats on the internet, but this isn't your average feline getting famous for having a poorly arranged face.


Today in Very Sad News About Scotch


Anyone else out there appreciate a fine scotch.

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