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Michael Pineda Is TERRIBLE at Cheating

C'mon, dude.

The New York Yankees Turned a 5-4-3 Triple Play With Ease

Three party.

Boston Red Sox Fan Tries to Troll Jacoby Ellsbury, Makes Herself Look Silly in the Process

Oh boy.

Carlos Beltran Painted His Face Like a Cheetah, Rode a Roller Coaster

Mr. October.

These Two Bros Got Matching ‘Yeah Jeets’ Tribute Tattoos to Derek Jeter on Their Left Ass Cheeks

Hot tip right here. Per the reader email we just received: “Me and my boy supporting the captain.” I never [...]

Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014 Season

Facebook fan and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will hang up his cleats after this season. The future Hall [...]

Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF? Yes, Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF

"That guy had a hog," pronounced my roommate upon seeing this.

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Ratted Out Ryan Braun, Other Players in Doping Investigation

Just when you think Alex Rodriguez can’t stoop any lower, he goes and does something like this and totally proves you wrong.

Alex Rodriguez Got Booed Like a Wrestling Villain

To everyone’s surprise, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t welcomed back with open arms as he made his season debut last night in Chicago. Currently appealing an unprecedented

Derek Jeter Is Back, As Evidenced By This Amazing Hit

Derek Jeter put on a New York Yankees jersey today for the first time since breaking his ankle during last year’s American League Championship Series.

Brian Cashman: Alex Rodriguez ‘Should Shut the F*ck Up’

Last night, Alex Rodriguez proved he didn’t need to be anywhere near the New York Yankees to cause headaches for the organization.

The Red Sox and Yankees Are Equally Scared of Thunderstorms

Professional athletes: they’re just like us. They are petrified of thunderstorms.

New Yorkers Supported Boston By Singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Yankee Stadium

You’ll never find two fan bases that despise each other like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. But last night, the rivalry was

A Couple of Fans Really Enjoyed Opening Day at Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox on Opening Day. What could be more exciting?

Ranking the 20 Hottest New York Yankees’ WAGs of All Time

Life doesn't get much better for professional athletes. They spend their free time partying like rockstars and eating like kings while the rest of us

Andruw Jones Had a Terrible Christmas

Jones plans to play his baseball in Japan next season, but he’s not leaving the States quietly.

Alex Rodriguez Needs Surgery, Will Miss Significant Time

The left side of the New York Yankees’ infield is broken. And old. And rich.

New York Post Reports That Derek Jeter Is a Fatso

Whether you love or hate the New York Post, you’ve got to admit that they refuse to change. We got reminder No. 293 of that

Phil Coke Pitched the Detroit Tigers Into World Series and Spiked the Living Sh*t Out of His Glove

The Detroit Tigers finished off a four-game sweep of the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series with an 8-1 victory on Thursday

Alex Rodriguez Found Time to Flirt With Some Ladies While Losing Game 1 of the ALCS

Alex Rodriguez yet again finds some unflattering words about him in today’s New York Post. If you’re keeping score at home, that dubious

Watch Derek Jeter Fracture His Ankle and Yankee Stadium Turn Deathly Silent

Game One of the American League Championship series will go down in history for myriad reasons. It featured the New York Yankees erasing a four-run

New York Yankees, Oakland A’s Pull Off Wild Comebacks; Which One Was Better?

Last night’s baseball was just stupidly good.

Ichiro Suzuki’s Astounding Maneuver at Home Plate Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

Ichiro Suzuki plays the game a little differently than practically any player that’s ever put on a uniform. He hits like a women’s softball player,

ESPN Decides That Its ‘KKK-Rod’ Headline Probably Wasn’t a Hot Idea

Look, I would never call myself an Alex Rodriguez fan. That's why, when I wrote this post, I chose to include the picture of him

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi Does the Right Thing, Chases Heckler

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning and work real hard to be more annoying than the New York Yankees. Shockingly, some

Here’s Yankee Cody Eppley Getting Hit in the Head With a Ball, An Event He Claims He Didn’t Notice

Baseball players getting hit in the head is funny. When the unfortunate soul is a New York Yankee, well, it’s the apex of comedy.

Mark Teixeira Tossed His Bat Into the Stands and You’ll Never Guess Who Caught It

Spike Lee. The answer is Spike Lee, the movie-making New York sports fan who continues to find new and exciting ways to keep himself in

New York Yankees OF Dewayne Wise Tricks Umpire into Thinking He Made Incredible Catch

New York Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise crashed into the stands last night trying to catch a foul pop fly down the line. He clearly

Kansas City Royals’ Humberto Quintero Turned In a Hilarious Swing

Kansas City Royals catcher Humberto Quintero got a chance to play under the bright lights of Yankee Stadium last night. He used the opportunity to

Could the New York Yankees be for Sale Soon?

If you've got a cool $3 billion you could possibly buy the illustrious New York Yankees.

Father and Son Make Ridiculous Catch at Yankees Game

Catching your first baseball from a MLB game is an unforgettable experience, but making the one-of-a-kind exceptional catch is absolutely amazing.

This Guy Wants Mariano Rivera to Come Back More Than You

He’ll get his wish if the New York Yankees closer keeps his word. For his sake, we hope the cutter-throwing right-hander does make

Mariano Rivera Tears ACL, Carted Off the Field

This has been a bad week for knees of pro athletes.

Don’t Look at the Babes, Look at the Yankees Fan

Don’t worry, gang. New York Yankees fans have not changed since being eliminated from the playoffs last year. They’re still doing stuff like trying to

Watch MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds And Dan Plesac Freak Out to Last Night’s Baseball Stunner

Some sports night last night, huh? At this point, I've slept on it and I'm still kind of stunned and wound up from

Did Boston Sports Writer Dan Shaughnessy Jinx the Red Sox?

Everyone's favorite Cabbage Patch-looking Boston sports writer, Dan Shaughnessy was on NESN last night during the Red Sox/Orioles rain delay to chime in

Watch Evan Longoria’s Walk-Off Homerun That Kept Boston Out of the Playoffs

What an incredible night. Somehow the weird baseball Powers That Be have decided that the Tampa Bay Rays are going to the playoffs

The Top Ten Rebound Chicks that Derek Jeter Should Date

Derek Jeter is back on the market after he and Minka Kelly broke up. Now women from Bangor, Maine to Tuc*mcari, New Mexico think

MLB to Investigate A-Rod for Involvement in Violent Illegal Poker Games

Well it's that time of year again, where in the middle of the baseball season Alex Rodriguez gets himself embroiled in a tumultuous scandal that

New York Yankees Official Rap Girl Officially Sucks

So she's not really the official rapping girl of the New York Yankees, nor does she have a shot in hell with Jeter (the captain