stanley cup playoffs

Arian Foster Says NFL Players Should Be Able To Fight Like In The NHL


Arian Foster makes no secret about his passion for the game of hockey.

salty old timers

Old-Timer Rangers Fan Explodes On Fans Behind Him After His Teams’ Game 7 OT Win


You really gotta be going through some shit if you can't let bygones be bygones after one of the greatest moments in New York sports recent history.

washington capitals

The Secret To The Washington Capitals’ Playoff Success? They’re Kissing Each Other


  The Washington Capitals stole home-ice advantage from the New York Rangers last night thanks to Joel Ward's last-second goal.

henrik lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist Wore A GoPro, Showed How Hard It Is To Be A Goalie


New York Rangers goalie and heir to the Swedish crown Henrik Lundqvist is widely regarded as one of the NHL's top netminders.

taylor swift dancing

Taylor Swift And Jimmy Fallon Get Caught Having A Dance-Off On Arena Jumbotron


On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon celebrated his one-year anniversary as The Tonight Show host by having the delightful Taylor Swift on and dancing their asses off.

tom hanks

After 15 Long Years, Tom Hanks Finally Reunited With Wilson From ‘Cast Away’


It's been 15 years since we saw Tom Hanks have his heart broken in Cast Away when his little buddy Wilson was lost to the sea.


Rangers Player Loses Ear In 1st Period, Has It Reattached With 12 Stitches, Comes Back To Score OT Game Winner

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New York Rangers defenseman Kevin Klein is made of piss, vinegar, steel, and whatever other clichéd grit you can think of.

New York Rangers

Snow fort saves New York Rangers season, is best snow fort ever


Kings defenseman Alec Martinez sent a shot through the five hole of Henrick Lundqvist.

Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers fan delivers beautiful 2-fingered message to Daniel Carcillo


As Matt Harvey can attest, a single middle finger doesn't mean much.

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