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Rex Ryan, in USMNT Gear, Taking a Selfie, at the Belgium-Russia Game

Do they have chicken wings in Brazil?

This Picture of Geno Smith Will Convince You the New York Jets Will Go 16-0

Book it.

New York Jets Go Apeshit After Finding Out Rex Ryan Will Return

A week ago, Rex Ryan told his New York Jets players that he expected to be a goner at season's end. Yesterday, he found out

This Jets Fake Punt Fail Is Just So Jets


Rex Ryan Is Awesomely Making Jokes About His Foot Fetish

It's been nearly three years since we found out Rex Ryan and his wife enjoyed making foot fetish videos. And Ryan has (kind of admirably?)

The Jets Now Have Crotch Fumble, Butt Fumble’s Dick-Focused Brother

The Jets will never stop being the Jets. 

Another Week, Another Jets Tip Drill Interception

Last Sunday, we saw the Jets with a tip drill interception against the Bengals. 

Jets Get Their Tip Drill On While Intercepting Andy Dalton

The Jets got their tip drill on, giving us this excellent interception GIF. 

Jets Fan Who Punched Woman Once Killed a Man

Remember that New York Jets fan who was caught punching a woman on Sunday? It may surprise you to find out that he’s not a

Monday Night Drinking Game: New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

Jets! Falcons! BOOZE!

Thursday Night’s NFL Pick Gives You A Clean Slate

Peyton Manning will throw for 60 touchdowns this season. The Eagles are going to run 100 plays a game by Week 9 and score 45

This Is the Face of the New York Jets Fanbase

Fireman Ed retired, you know. This kid is going to pick up his helmet in 20 years. That's not a compliment.

New York Giants and New York Jets Fans Engage in Big-Time Brawl

The New York Jets and New York Giants fought it out on the field Saturday night for city bragging rights in a meaningless football game.

Rex Ryan Has Postgame Meltdown After Mark Sanchez Injury

The New York Jets proved once again why they are the New York Jets last night when incumbent starter Mark Sanchez was inserted into a

Rex Ryan Poses For Photo With Fan Wearing Shirt Ripping the Jets

Rex Ryan had an amazing offseason. He lost a ton of weight, went full Hemingway and ran with the bulls in Pamplona, and developed a

Rex Ryan Ran With the Bulls in Pamplona—Now With Video

Every year, thousands willingly run through the streets of Pamplona, Spain while bulls chase them. And every year, world-class athletes from all corners of the

Here’s the Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble Silent Movie You Never Knew You Wanted

We’ll forgive the creator of this vital YouTube video for taking more than half a year to make this masterpiece. It was well worth the

‘Mark Sanchez Dancing In the Kitchen with Two Hot Chicks’

Shirtless Mark Sanchez dance party time!!! The following video was posted as a Vine via Alana Kari. You'll note the Jets quarterback seems to be enjoying

The Most Hilariously Screwed Up Franchises In Sports

Sanchize, Anyone? 

Rick Reilly Wrote a Poem About the New York Jets, and It’s Not Very Good

It’s not an overstatement to say that Rick Reilly has irreversibly lowered the bar for American sportswriting with his effort over at ESPN today. We

Dude Steals Show at Knicks-Trail Blazers Game By Picking His Nose, Giving Camera a Devilish Wink

How would you react if you suddenly realized you’d been caught vigorously picking your nose on national television? Probably not like this guy who stole

Rex Ryan Has a Tattoo of His Wife Naked Except for a Mark Sanchez Jersey

You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no way this is real life.

8 Solid Reasons Tim Tebow Is 2012’s Most Annoying Public Figure

This was supposed to be the year the world ended. Tim Tebow did everything in his power to make that bold prediction seem reasonable. Never

Jets Fan Hilariously Fails at Burning, Ripping Mark Sanchez Jersey, Because Sanchez Is Invincible

This goes to show that at this point, Mark Sanchez has been ripped apart so much that it's no longer possible to do so. 

Which NFL Teams Deserve Coal in Their Stockings?

The NFL playoffs are far from inclusionary. If you mightily suck for 17 weeks, you don’t get the privilege of competing for the Vince Lombardi

Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets

For reasons unknown, the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets will play a football game on national television tonight. That right there is a classic

Which NFL Teams Should Take Their Balls and Go Home

There are some teams in the NFL that are really good. There are far more teams that should pack up their locker rooms and just

The ‘Every Fan in the NFL’ Guy Recaps the League’s Eventful Thanksgiving Weekend

As if Thursday's Jets game wasn't entertaining enough, we now have more. 

Even Fireman Ed is Sick of the New York Jets

Does anyone else hate when this guy gets television time? You’re only making him more famous!

Watch the New York Jets Fumble 3 Times, Give Up 3 Touchdowns in 65 Seconds

The New York Jets made complete and utter fools of themselves in the primetime game last night, losing 49-19 to the rival New England Patriots.

Rate This Mixed-Sex New York Jets Fan Fight

The New York Jets just destroyed the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, 35-9. A couple patrons didn’t let the good vibes put a damper on their quest

For Some Reason, Jets Owner Woody Johnson Was Asked if Tim Tebow is Still a Virgin

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this morning. It was a good booking. Johnson knows a thing or two about

How Cheap Was the Hit that Will Likely End Brian Cushing’s Season?

Bros everywhere are pouring out a little for Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, who appears to have torn his ACL during last night’s game against

Here’s Our Official Monday Night Drinking Game: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets

The seemingly unstoppable Houston Texans bring their 10-gallon hats to New Jersey tonight to take on the soap opera that is the New York Jets.

NFL.com Has Renamed the Jets ‘Tebow’

If there was ever a sign that the Tebow phenomenon has driven every NFL analyst and writer bat-sh*t crazy, this is it.

The Jets Kicked Off Their Season with a 20-Point Win, Massive Brawl in MetLife Stadium

Damn it, Jets fans. You couldn't just be happy with a beautiful New York afternoon, the NFL's Opening Day, and a 20-point win over the

Mark Sanchez Talks to Us About Golf, Football, and the Jets Turning Down ‘Hard Knocks’

Last Friday, Degree Men -- makers of stuff that promises to keep a man from smelling like a rotten hobo -- sent a few mediaheads

Santonio Holmes Begs Media to be Nice to New York Jets

Santonio Holmes is a team-first player, not one to ever cause any disturbances for the New York Jets, so it makes perfect sense he’s calling

Tim Tebow Has Changed His Dog’s Name from Bronco to Bronx

Stop the presses. Tim Tebow has changed his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. I always knew he had a lot in common with Pete

Ashley Madison Will Give You $1M to Have Sex With Tim Tebow

In a move that’s not unethical in any way, AshleyMadison.com is offering $1 million to any woman who can deflower famous virgin Tim Tebow. The