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The Hockey Knockout of the Year Came in the Last Game of the Season

It looks like David vs. Goliath.

The New York Islanders Will Wear These Jerseys for Their Yankee Stadium Game

The New York Islanders will play the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium on Jan. 29. This will mark the first time the Islanders have

Sidney Crosby Proves Why He’s the Best By Scoring Incredible Goal

Order was restored in the universe last night as the Pittsburgh Penguins blasted the New York Islanders, 4-0, to take a 3-2 series lead. Sidney

The New York Islanders Are Moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn wants all your neglected professional sports teams and it wants them now.

Bruins Winger, Daniel Paille Takes Slapshot to the Face

I think the most pain you can receive while playing hockey is not a swift right hook in a hockey fight, but having

I Think The Islanders Want to Be in the AHL…

  Hockey fans, don't forget: Denis Potvin sucks. Seriously, first you guys go sign DiPietro to Haynesworth times cash, then you all realize what everyone already

VIDEO: James Wisniewski Gestures to Sean Avery to Suck His…

You're an intelligent person, you can fill in the blank. This afternoon the Islanders played the Rangers in a special Columbus Day game. The Islanders