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Odell Beckham Says He’s a Victim of a Hoax, Has Never Met Woman Claiming to be His Fiance


Cancer-Beating Bro Mark Herzlich Talks NFL, Perseverance, and the Perks of New Jersey

Real American hero.

David Wilson Celebrates Successful Surgery by Mooning New York City

New York Giants running back David Wilson was sidelined with a herniated disk in October and did not play for the rest of the year.

How Not to Play Professional Football, Demonstrated by Two Members of the Dallas Cowboys

Standing idly by while other people work hard is the kind of ethos that made America great. 

Just Tim Allen in a Full Detroit Lions Uniform Saying ‘F*ck the Giants’

Say what you want about Tim Allen, but the Tool Man is an excellent nickname. It conjures up images of a man so deep in

Scott Van Pelt Confirmed the Giants-Vikings Game Was a Waste of Your Time

Last night’s Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants game was an absolute stinker. I was there in person to witness each and every terrible Josh Freeman pass.

Troy Polamalu Destroyed Stephen Hill

Who doesn’t love a good bone-jarring hit? Well, at this moment, Stephen Hill. The New York Jets wide receiver got totally lit up by Pittsburgh

It’s Time to Take a Step Back and Deliver Week 6’s Thursday and Survivor Pick

We can definitely get a nice assessment of the NFL season after getting through the first five games. It’s far enough into the season where

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Mocked Victor Cruz with a Salsa Dance TD Celebration

If you're an Eagles fan, this is a glorious, glorious celebration dance. This is the BEST way for Eagles reciever Desean Jackson to mock the New York

David Wilson Is So Excited He Didn’t Fumble That He Did an Awesome Double Backflip

David Wilson was supposed to be the break-out running back of the season. A second-year player primed to make "The Leap," he went stupidly high

Eli Manning’s Hilarious Derp Face is Back

We waited over eight months for the glorious return of Eli Manning’s DERP face but it was worth it. The New York Giants quarterback displayed

New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford Has Comically Ripped Abs

If he keeps squeezing them that hard he's going to either shit himself, blow a blood vessel in his eye or develop a hernia. That

New York Giants and New York Jets Fans Engage in Big-Time Brawl

The New York Jets and New York Giants fought it out on the field Saturday night for city bragging rights in a meaningless football game.

Which NFL Teams Deserve Coal in Their Stockings?

The NFL playoffs are far from inclusionary. If you mightily suck for 17 weeks, you don’t get the privilege of competing for the Vince Lombardi

New York Giants Fans, Washington Redskins Fans Beat the Hell Out of Each Other

Whenever I see idiots fighting in the stands, I wonder how they were able to get the money necessary to buy their seats.

It Appears That Prince Amukamara Has Retired His Pregame Ritual of Taking a Poop

Sad news for the toilet bowls at the Meadowlands. 

Lifelong Giants Fan Builds Amazing Replica of Giants Stadium, Which Is Certainly No Center for Ants

If this is the type of stuff you get to all day do during retirement, fast-forwarding the next 50 years suddenly doesn't sound so terrible. 

49ers Fans and Giants Fans Fight in Candlestick Park Parking Lot

Oh but don't worry you guys! Philly fans are still "the worst." You stay classy, New York (cough, cough) and California sports fans. Sidenote: TURN.

DeMarco Murray Had a Crazy Run and Rob Ryan Yelled ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Last Night

The banged-up Cowboys pulled off a big 24-17 upset last over the Giants in the NFL season opener, thanks to a 307-yard passing performance from

Let’s Start This NFL Season Already with a Survivor and Wednesday Night Pick

If the last two seasons have proved anything, it's that anything can happen once you get to the playoffs. The Giants and the Packers both

6-Year-Old Empties Piggy Bank in Attempt to Keep Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs in New York

While many New York fans just turned and watched him leave when Brandon Jacobs was released by the Giants and signed by the San Francisco

Lawrence Taylor is Auctioning Off His Super Bowl XXV Ring

If you love the New York Giants, especially the tremendous teams from the 80's, here's a nice piece of hardware you can purchase. 

Student of Comedy Eli Manning Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

I have good news for you if you’ve ever wanted to see Eli Manning try his hand at comedy. The New York Giants quarterback will

Here’s the NY Giants Parade Video

Yesterday marked an invasion of lower Manhattan with a different message as the New York Giants Super Bowl parade went down in a major way.

Video: New York Giants Celebrating on the Flight Home

Mark Herzlich took this video of the Giants celebrating on the flight home from Indy. The celebration was lead by Andre Brown singing

Someone Parodied ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ with the Pro-Giants Melody, ‘I Believe in Eli’

Anyone can take a dance song and make a fun sports parody song out of it. However to take a slow, soulful R&B

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bets

Gambling website Bovada released their prop bets for the 2012 Super Bowl. Prop bets are weird, quirky bets like, "How many times will the cameras

Giants Linebacker Mark Herzlich Provides The Best Super Bowl Tweet Ever

The New York Giants defense had suffered a rash of awful injuries during the season, but they're all healing nicely heading into the Super Bowl.

Would You Pay $750,000 for This Suite at the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl. The most epic day in America. The hardest ticket to get into your hot little hands. The perfect opportunity for capitalism and

Here’s Steve Weatherford’s ‘We’re Going to the F*cking Superbowl’ Moment

The slow motion replays FOX showed us in Sunday's Giants-49ers game were top notch. From Eli's face of horror when he got blindsided

Ann Mara Heckles Terry Bradshaw For Not Picking the Giants

Giants-Patriots in Super Bowl 46: Who ya got? Perhaps the most perfect cap off to this incredible football Sunday is with Ann Mara,

Paging Pat and John: Mr. T’s Conference Championship Picks Are Here

This Sunday's conference championship games are classic battles that bring back memories of yesteryear. It's been 22 years since the only time the Giants and

Sexy Giants Fan Makes Sexy Video

This must be why Eli has thrown for 400 or more yards on three different occasions this season. That, or, he's actually an elite quarterback

Let’s Watch Brandon Jacobs’ Dirty Dancin’ Touchdown Celebration

Here's the New York Giants Brandon Jacobs shake his hips and gyrate uncontrollably in the end zone after a first quarter TD against

Was Victor Cruz Really Declaring Himself Down or Did the Cardinals Get Screwed?

If you watched yesterday's Giants-Cardinals (NFL) game or highlights later on, you probably saw the controversial late-fourth-quarter play that some are arguing the refs blew

Here’s a Video of the Metrodome Roof Collapsing

Between four and five a.m. this morning, the Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapsed under 17-plus inches of snow. Thanks to the massive blizzard and a

VIDEO: Giants Fans Bloodied By Shirtless Cowboys Faithful in New Meadowlands Stadium Bleacher Brawl

Strange things happen when the lights go out in the swamps of northern New Jersey. For example, this wild bleacher brawl that broke out between

Justin Tuck Sits Down at Subway to Talk Football, Flow, and Five-Dollar-Footlongs

Earlier this week AZ and I were invited to a Subway restaurant to get some face-time in with the monster known as Justin Tuck. Dude

Barry Cofield Doesn’t Want to Be Tased, Bro, for Sacking Jay Culter

Last night the Giants KOed the Bears, clobbering Bears QB Jay Cutler nine times in the first half before putting him on the bench with