Bars In New York City Are Doing Tinder Tuesday 2-For-1 Drink Specials Now


I spotted this on a walk this afternoon in the East Village.


20-Somethings In NYC Read The Last Text They Got From Their Ex


People who don't live in New York will never understand how "UGH" dating in New York actually is.


Philanthropic Man Makes Craigslist Post Offering To Rate The Boobs Of All NYC Women For Free


A good samaritan who has dated 'models and strippers' has taken to Craigslist to offer up his philanthropic services to all the women of New York City.


New York City’s Most Expensive Rental Is $500K/Month ($16,438 Per Night)


New York City has always been a playground for the wealthy, with rents so astronomically high the middle class is inched out each year.


The NYPD And Boston Police Joined Forces To Ruin The Lives Of Each And Every Seahawks Fan


There is no love lost between the cities of New York and Boston, but in the grips of another winter hellstorm, the police departments of the two cities joined forces to pour lemon salt into the wounds of Seattle Seahawks fans throughout the nation.

daily show

The ‘Daily Show’ Welcomed Everyone To A Shittier New York


If you don't live in New York City you may be unaware that tensions between City Hall and the police department are high.

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