picking up girls

How A Homeless 20-Something In NYC Survives By Picking Up Girls Every Night

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"Since there's 8 million people in this city, if you're not getting laid, you're an asshole.

basic girls

Basic Girls In NYC JUST CAN’T EVEN About SoulCycle Tribeca Closing For Three Weeks


The cold brew-sipping, yoga pants-wearing, avocado-toast eating basic girls of Manhattan are in full freak-out mode after popular spinning studio/fitness cult SoulCycle announced it is closing its doors at its Tribeca location for three weeks for renovations.

funny craigslist ads

Two 27-Year-Old NYC Girls Who Just Can’t Even Looking For Preppy Post-Grad Fratstar On Craigslist

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Attention NYC post-grad Bros: Are you 6 feet or taller, played lacrosse in college, work for a bank, wear half-zips, Ray-Bans Wayfarers, loafers, and Patagonia vests, know Bob Seger lyrics, and looking for a girlfriend now that the summer's over.

New York City

VIDEO: Flying a Drone Over NYC’s Legendary 5 POINTZ Graffiti Mecca


RIP to one of the most iconic graffiti spots in the world.

we're all gonna die

Man Traveling in West Africa May Have Just Brought Deadly Ebola Virus to New York City


Well, if the world is going to end via a deadly gastrointestinal virus, you KNEW it'd start festering in New York first, right.

New York City

Reader Shares Story About the Time He Took a Shit in the Magnises Townhouse, Proving Card Membership Has Its Perks


Earlier this week I went on a minor tirade about Magnises, the fake credit card for entitled New York City brats that offers "exclusive perks" that seem pretty lame.

New York City

How to Troll NYC Tourists In Double-Decker Buses


If you've ever walked through midtown Manhattan, you've probably been hassled by someone on the street to ride in a double-decker sightseeing bus.

rich kids

If You Live in NYC and Have This Exclusive Fake Credit Card, I Probably Hate You


As I've vented about in the past, the rich kids who clog Manhattan make it fucking unbearable at times.

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