Watch NYPD Cops Play A Pick-UP Game In Uniform With Kids In The Bronx


It hasn't exactly been a great year for police-community public relations, especially in urban communities like New York City.

trust fund brats

This Is What Rich Trust Fund Brats In Murray Hill Look Like When They Complain About Being ‘Broke’


How many times have you heard people complain of being "poor" when they are far from it.

pay it forward

Faith In Humanity Restored: NYC Waitress Gets $3,000 Tip On $43.50 Bill As A ‘Pay It Forward’ Gesture


In the era of Facebook and Twitter, it's so easy to get bogged down by the awful, sobering day-to-day news stories that pop up from around the globe: Thousands of lives lost in an earthquake in Nepal.

bro love

BRO-DORABLE! Bros Get Wasted In NYC, Wake Up Spooning Each Other In Crowded Park (Video)


Two bros got legless drunk last night and passed out on a walkway in New York City's McCarren Park.


Uber Tries To Charge $12,000 For 35 Minute Trip From Brooklyn To Manhattan


There are times when Uber is the best thing in the world -- a couple taps on your phone from the bar and BOOM, you have a ride home for the night.

drunk people

This Drunk Skateboarding Taco Is Why NYC Is The Greatest City In The World


This is just something you don't see in a boring city full of lame dullards like.

edward snowden

A Couple Of Bros Who Love Freedom Erected A Bust of Edward Snowden In Brooklyn


Amazing story from our street art-loving friends at ANIMAL New York, who broke the news of a war monument in a Brooklyn park being replaced with a bust of Edward Snowden.


Cop In The E.R. Gives Two Teenage Girls Tickets For Jaywalking After They Get Hit By A Car


Aside from his relaxed take on marijuana charges, there's not a single thing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has done that New Yorkers have approved of.


Bars In New York City Are Doing Tinder Tuesday 2-For-1 Drink Specials Now


I spotted this on a walk this afternoon in the East Village.


20-Somethings In NYC Read The Last Text They Got From Their Ex


People who don't live in New York will never understand how "UGH" dating in New York actually is.


Philanthropic Man Makes Craigslist Post Offering To Rate The Boobs Of All NYC Women For Free


A good samaritan who has dated 'models and strippers' has taken to Craigslist to offer up his philanthropic services to all the women of New York City.

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