New Years Resolution

Madonna Owned a Gigantic Penis-Shaped Bong (PIC)


Would you expect her to smoke weed out of anything else.

pointless New Years resolutions

7 New Year’s resolutions everyone ends up breaking

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New Year's resolutions are a bigger joke than Tiger Woods' wedding vows.

New Year's

4 New Year’s Resolutions That We’ll Definitely Break


Brimming with unwarranted optimism, you’re looking forward to 2014, because 2013 is littered with highly-repressible memories of eating entire tubes of cookie dough and intercoursing several muffin-top-riddled bodies.

New Year's resolutions

Jose Canseco Listed 10 Utterly Insane New Year’s Resolutions on Twitter Last Night


Jose Canseco's life has taken a strange turn since the publication of his tell-all "Juiced," a book that got him blackballed from baseball, despite of, or maybe because, it was ultimately right about everything.


32 New Year’s Resolutions For NFL Teams


The NFL regular season is over.

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