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Madonna Owned a Gigantic Penis-Shaped Bong (PIC)

Would you expect her to smoke weed out of anything else? 

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78% of People Don’t Achieve Their New Year’s Resolution Goals, But 70% of Spartans Reach Theirs

Why do seventy-eight percent of people fail at achieving their New Year’s resolution? Is it because their goals are too lofty and will-power is crushed?

Scumbag Steve’s New Year’s Resolution List, Plus the Daily Fix (16 Pics)

OK, not actually Scumbag Steve's New Year's resolution list. But definitely one of someone who needs to get their shit together.

11 Common New Year’s Resolutions and How They Usually Turn Out

New Year’s is right around the corner which means tons of people around the world are preparing to lie to themselves as we speak. Below

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Bros

Every January 1st we get a chance for renewal. Like a sorority chick waking up in a frat bedroom smelling like a gym sock that’s