selena gomez

Selena Gomez Went Braless On The Beach As She Cuddled With Her Sexy BFF Gigi Hadid


The last time we saw one of our new favorite models Gigi Hadid she and her sister Bella were making sexy advent calendar videos for Love magazine.

new years eve

Tara Reid Was Naked In A Hammock On New Year’s Eve


The Tara Reid revival continued over New Year's as the Sharknado star followed up her earlier bikini pics this week with even more bikini snaps as well as one of herself lying naked in a hammock.

new years eve

Here’s Some Painfully Awkward Couple Photos That’ll Make You Realize Being Single For New Year’s Isn’t That Bad


New Year's Eve is on it's way, which means that your Facebook newsfeed is about to get blown up with statuses along the lines of "Omg I'm so single and I don't have anyone to kiss when the ball drops and I'm going to cry and die alone wah wah boo hoo forever alone blah.


7 Things You Should Never Do While Partying On New Year’s Eve


Every year millions of people smash billions of ounces of alcohol in the hopes of making memories they won’t remember.


Guy rings in the New Year by dangling from a rafter at a concert, plummeting while a rapper narrates


This guy went to Perth's Origin music festival expecting a New Year's Eve full of fun.

New Year's Eve

Making New Year’s Eve Plans Is the Absolute Worst


To be clear, this isn’t an “I hate New Year’s Eve” or “Why New Year’s Eve is Super Overrated” post.

why new year's eve sucks

10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve is the Worst Bar Night of the Year


It happens every year: starting in early December the texts start trickling in: "Yo, what are you doing for New Year's Eve.


NYC: Not Doing Anything On New Year’s Eve? Check Out Thomas Gold at Pacha


Hey New York: Don't have plans locked up for New Year's Eve yet.

people at New Year's Eve parties

27 types of partiers you’ll see on New Year’s Eve


On any given night there are plenty of terrible people in bars, but New Year's Eve is a special powder keg of people-watching.

New Year's resolutions

How to not screw up the first moments of 2014


2013 sucked right from the start because you made so many mistakes in the first few seconds of the year.

what not to do on new years eve

8 worst New Year’s Eve parties in the United States


New Year’s Eve is your last chance to party like it’s 2013, but plan carefully.

typical new years partygoers

11 types of people you see at a New Year’s party


The new year is almost upon us and with that comes the holiest of all holy holidays – the New Year’s Eve party.

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