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Making New Year’s Eve Plans Is the Absolute Worst

To be clear, this isn’t an “I hate New Year’s Eve” or “Why New Year’s Eve is Super Overrated” post. Actually, there are so many

10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve is the Worst Bar Night of the Year

It happens every year: starting in early December the texts start trickling in: "Yo, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?" I shiver with

NYC: Not Doing Anything On New Year’s Eve? Check Out Thomas Gold at Pacha

Hey New York: Don't have plans locked up for New Year's Eve yet? Kind of feel like dancing your face off? Head over the west

Cancel Your New Year’s Eve Plans and Get Drunk at Applebee’s for $375

What are you doing on New Year's Eve? Not taking advantage of an Applebee's buffet, open bar, house DJ, and dance floor? For the low, low price of $375? What the hell

New Year’s Eve: Reality Vs. Expectation

It happens every single year: We turn the page on a New Year by rolling into all-you-can-drink open bars and fumble our chance at any sort

New Zealand Man Uses Enormous Facebook Campaign to Track Down Girl He Met on NYE; It Goes Well

Ah, New Year's Eve. A time of new beginnings. A time of romance. Perhaps no where is it better than Hong Kong. Fireworks erupt over the

We Dare You to Watch KDOC’s Incredibly Bad New Year’s Eve Show

What if former celebrities and a television station banded together with the sole purpose of creating the worst possible program? It’s a question that’s plagued

Bro Gave Girl Parting Gift During His First One-Night Stand, Plus Guy Caught On Camera Having Sex

After a holiday hiatus, Hook Up Heroes is back with a few new tales of sexual heroism. Submit your stories here. 

Sayonara, 2012: Our 10 Biggest (Non-Girl) Posts of the Year

In a few short hours humanity will hit our yearly Reset Button. We'll all get psyched for a new year and make promises to ourselves

Pop That Champ Early and Get Nasty Weird with Our New Year’s Eve Power Hour

Nasty weird. Not sure how I feel about that one, honestly. 

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Bros

Every January 1st we get a chance for renewal. Like a sorority chick waking up in a frat bedroom smelling like a gym sock that’s

The Gentlemen’s Rant: New Year’s

There are two schools of thought when it comes to New Year's Eve... 

Introducing the Bronanza: A Weekly Grab Bag of Internet Nonsense

Welcome to the Bronanza our new weekly treasure trove of random Internet goodness. The way this works is each week I'll post a menagerie of

Video Recap of Avicii’s New Year’s Eve Concert at NYC’s Pier 94

You know you've been waiting for this. Alas, everyone's favorite Swedish DJ drops an epic recap of his marathon NYE concert at New

VIDEO: This Is What It’s Like to Party with Jay-Z and Kanye West on New Years Eve

In case you were wondering how Hova and Yeezy throw down on New Years Eve, watch this video of their after party performance at the

10 Things You Should Know About Gin

In 2010, gin exploded back onto the cocktail scene, offering a welcome alternative to the generic world of vodka. It’s flavorful, complex, refreshing, and most

A New Years Eve Six Track Six-Pack, Presented By Beau Garrett in Esquire

Our friends at The Masked Gorilla have passed along a special New Years Eve six pack of fresh tunes. Check out their selections, presented by

12 Last-Minute Party Options for New Year’s Eve in New York

Still looking for a good spot to party in New York for New Year's Eve? One that doesn't involve rabid "will she or won't she"

Racking Up the New Year

I realize it has been quite some time since the Brommunity has heard from me. The Bro Boy has been stuck in a daily grind