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Kris Humphries Hit a Buzzer-Beater, So Good for Him

Is life meaningless?

Anthony Davis Would Also Do Well in the Slam Dunk Contest

Anthony Davis was clearly moved by LeBron James’ off-the-wall slam dunk. He decided to show off his own jamming prowess […]

The New Orleans Pelicans’ Mascot is So Ridiculous

The New Orleans Pelicans debuted their new mascot yesterday and he is petrifying.

This Is What the New Orleans Pelicans’ Logo Looks Like

They did, in fact, put a bird on it. Take that, Portland.

The New Orleans Hornets Should Change Their Name to ________ ?

The New Orleans Hornets are expected to change their name to the New Orleans Pelicans. We thought we liked that move, but now we’re not

The New Orleans Hornets Will Apparently Be the New Orleans Pelicans

You know what’s crazy? Every single new nickname sounds terrible and cheesy while we just blindly accept existing ones. So, with that in mind, New