DMX Allegedly Robbed A Man Outside A New Jersey Gas Station Last Night


In July of 2013, DMX filed for bankruptcy, citing over $1.


This Frat Just Changed The Lives Of A Homeless Family Forever, And We Need More Stories Like This

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The Iota Phi Theta brothers of Kean University in New Jersey just changed the lives of one homeless family forever by buying them a plot of land in Newark, and setting up a crowd fund to have a house built on that land.

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Home Turns To Dust In Seconds When Gas Leak Causes Massive Explosion (Dashcam Footage)


After officers in the Stafford Township of New Jersey responded to reports of a strong 'egg-like odor', they began to clear surrounding homes due to a suspected gas leak.

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Todd Christie Is Sick And Tired Of People Picking On His Cowboys-Loving Brother


Dallas Cowboys superfan Chris Christie was in Jerry Jones' box yet again yesterday to see his favorite team join forces with the officiating crew and defeat the Detroit Lions.

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Waitress Tricked A Customer Into Buying A $3,750 Bottle Of Wine And The Guy Is Pissed


A New Jersey man is angry as hell at a waitress from Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.


Two Possibly Drunk Bears Got Into A Brawl In Jersey, Wrecked Some Dude’s Lawn


These two black bears are fighting like a pair of drunk Irish brothers, and for some poor home owner in Rockaway, New Jersey they've completely destroyed his yard.

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Halloween Is About Being Shocking But Dead Babies Hanging From Trees Might Be A Bit Much


“I like to see witches, you know goblins and ghosts, not hanging babies," said neighbor Toni Flaherty.

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The Situation From ‘Jersey Shore’ Indicted For Tax Fraud By His Favorite State


Think of all the good Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has done for the state of New Jersey.

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The Reasons Why We All Secretly Love New Jersey


With shows like the Jersey Shore and Sopranos NJ has always gotten a bad reputation.


Guy steals $43K from employer because he hasn’t had a raise in ten years — Is it justified?


  A New Jersey man is accused of stealing from his employer because he's gone ten years without a pay increase.

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Woman bites driver’s finger off after she steals parking spot and shame on you for assuming Florida


  Here's a lesson they probably don't teach in drivers ed -- if you cut someone off, don't put your hands up to apologies, because you're likely to get a digit bit off.

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Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey


You've heard it all about the great state of New Jersey: "It's the armpit of America," "Jersey girls aren't trash; even trash gets picked up," "They only know how to pump their fists, not their gas.

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