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The Reasons Why We All Secretly Love New Jersey

With shows like the Jersey Shore and Sopranos NJ has always gotten a bad reputation. People think it’s nothing but Guidos running around calling girls

Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey

You’ve heard it all about the great state of New Jersey: “It’s the armpit of America,” “Jersey girls aren’t trash; […]

The BroBible Podcast: WTF, New Jersey? Plus, A Tribute to Squat Racks

In today's episode, Jason and Kyle try to figure out New Jersey, make their NFL playoff picks, and get passionate about squat racks.

Jon Stewart Goes Off on New Jersey, And It’s As Great as You’d Expect

Not to sound like Anthony Crispino here, but did you guys hear about this George Washington Bridge thing? What was once a small squeak has

‘Jersey Shore’ Creatures Continue to Spawn, JWoww Now Pregnant

We are now one step closer to Jersey Shore 2035, where the children of the original cast members of Jersey Shore get together for a drunken, incestual

White Powder, Picture of Tim Tebow Shuts Down Jersey City City Hall

Is there anything Tim Tebow can’t ruin?

23 Signs You’re in the Magical Land of New Jersey

The land where pumping your fist is more celebrated than pumping your gas. 

Chris Christie Killed a Spider, Which Delighted Children and Enraged PETA

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is under fire from PETA after video of showing him – GASP -- squishing a spider during a meeting with

This is What a Subway Escalator Suddenly Reversing Direction During Rush Hour Looks Like

Yet another reminder that the world is a viciously dangerous place and death lurks around every corner.

Coco Austin and Her Breasts Would Like to Show You Hurricane Sandy Storm Porn Live from New Jersey

Possibly the greatest weather broadcast from Hurricane Sandy came from a condo balcony in Edgewater, New Jersey. That's where Coco Austin provided a very nessecary

New Jersey’s Weather Service Issued a Storm Warning That May Have Been Written by Tony Soprano

This is kind of amazing. The National Weather Service in New Jersey just issued a warning today that may as well have ended with, "And

Insane Dude Fights With Police, Eats Own Finger While High on PCP

Don’t do drugs unless you want to be the subject of hilarious headlines.

John Stewart to Gov. Chris Christie on Opposition to Marijuana Decriminalization: ‘What the F*ck?’

If you happen to smoke marijuana and live in New York or New Jersey, we have some very bad news for you: Earlier this week

New Jersey Man Pulls Gun on Neighbor for Aggressive Farting

One New Jersey man’s farts were not silent, but almost deadly.

Calm Down, You Won’t See the Tanning Bed Mom in Playboy

Playboy, like the rest of us, has no interest in seeing the infamous New Jersey tanning mom naked. Patricia Krentcil, the 44-year-old mother accused of

Tim Tebow Has Changed His Dog’s Name from Bronco to Bronx

Stop the presses. Tim Tebow has changed his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. I always knew he had a lot in common with Pete

The Great Map of New Jersey

Wait, so you're saying there's more to the Dirty Jerz then The Borgata, Tony Soprano, the last full-service gas stations in America, a bunch of

Here’s A Fight At the Blink 182 Concert in Camden

Things we learned today: Fights still break out at Blink 182 concerts. That's kinda hard to believe since most of Blink 182's fanbase

UFC Fighter Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Chases Down a Robber in Patterson, N.J. Before UFC 128

Whoa... Badass of the day, part two. MMA fighter Jon "Bones" Jones, who will step into the Octagon tonight to fight Shogun Rua in Newark,