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Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski Have Their Own Ryan Gosling-Macaulay Culkin Thing Going On

A fine shirt.

Aaron Hernandez Now Indicted for a 2012 Double Murder

More bad news.

Bill Belichick Discusses Leaked Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

Last night, Bill Belichick addressed the Johnny Manziel scouting report that we leaked online.

We’ve Obtained Johnny Manziel’s Scouting Report From the New England Patriots

Johnny Manziel's scouting report from the New England Patriots might explain why the star quarterback's stock dropped in the NFL draft.

It Was Triceps Day for Bill Belichick and Girlfriend Linda Holliday

Bill Belichick owns one shirt?

Tom Brady Just One-Upped John Wall in the No-Look Play Game (GIF)

The other day, John Wall put up this circus shot that went in. 

Get Hyped for Today With This ‘Game of Thrones’-Style NFL Championship Week Promo

This comes via Austrian TV (and also via Deadspin) and it is here to get you fired up for this weekend's games. 

The NFL Conference Championship Weekend Picks Need No Buildup

Things couldn’t have worked out any better for the NFL this weekend. You couldn’t have picked better games for them based on which teams made

The Season of No One High-Fiving Tom Brady Continues

The Patriots may be headed to the AFC Championship game, but Tom Brady is having a rough season. His numbers are down and he's constantly being

Patriots Tight End Displays WWE Championship Belt In Locker

Former WWF World Heavyweight Champion and current candy circus peanut Hulk Hogan is suddenly a New England Patriots fan. Last week, the Huckster gave the

Hulk Hogan is Fired Up About the New England Patriots, Brother

Hulk Hogan is a New England Patriots fan. And not just any New England Patriots fan ... a big and loud one!

No One Ever Wants to High Five Tom Brady

Here's one we missed when writing the best football and groin-related headlines in the game: Once again, Tom Brady can't buy a high five from

Rob Gronkowski Shopped for Groceries on a Motorized Scooter

The NFL without Rob Gronkowski is truly the No Fun League. His chronic injuries are proof there is no God and this world is undeniably

The Miami Dolphins Just Had a Field Goal Derp for the Ages


Aaron Hernandez Likes to Pass the Time in Prison by Doodling Naked Women

One of the worst things I imagine about prison is the boredom. 

Rob Gronkowski’s Knee Is No More After This Vicious Hit (GIF)


The Patriots’ Jerod Mayo Is Releasing His Own Mayo

Whoops, that headline sounds inappropriate. I mean mayonnaise. The Patriots' Jerod Mayo is starting his own line of mayonnaise. 

Reliant Stadium Security Guards Claim They Were Fired for Taking Pictures With Tom Brady

Two security guards claim they were fired for taking photos with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after Sunday’s game against the Texans in Houston. 

Danny WoodWHO? Pats Get Maximum White Guy Effort TD From Different White Guy

Look at this effort. That's a hard-working feller right there. I bet James Develin enjoys himself a cold one after the game. Like a real man. 

Do The Patriots Have an Audible Named For Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend?

Probably. But the bigger question is can he use that play to get laid?


Does ANYONE... have ANY idea... what Tom Brady is saying here?

New England Patriots Lose on Controversial Call, Tom Brady Berates Refs

Last night’s Carolina Panthers-New England Patriots game was decided on a controversial call. Against all odds, the call did not go in Tom Brady’s favor.

Cam Newton Just Had a Juke Party and Everyone Was Invited (GIF)

Cam just went HAM on this play, juking everyone on New England's defense. Here it is in GIF form. 

Rex Ryan Asks Jets to Ignore Their Wives

With the New England Patriots looming this week, Rex Ryan said he didn't want his players to listen to their wives. 

Boston Radio Announcers Totally Lose it Over Tom Brady’s Game-Winning Touchdown Pass

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an improbable win over the New Orleans Saints yesterday, throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins

Witness Says Aaron Hernandez Pulled Trigger in 2012 Murders

My Fox Boston interviewed a passenger who was in the car and survived the 2012 drive-by-shooting Aaron Hernandez is accused of. The witness said he recognizes

Official Thursday Night Drinking Game: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots


Thursday Night’s NFL Pick Gives You A Clean Slate

Peyton Manning will throw for 60 touchdowns this season. The Eagles are going to run 100 plays a game by Week 9 and score 45

Tom Brady Leaves Practice With Injury on Tim Tebow’s Birthday

Tim Tebow going with the obvious birthday wish. Not subtle at all.

The Tim Tebow Era Seems to Be Going Well in New England

From Pats reporter Tom Curran:

CSN New England’s Aaron Hernandez Panel Almost Ends in Murder

CSN New England attempted to talk about Bill Belichick, Aaron Hernandez, and the Patriots during a live panel yesterday. Things … did not go well.

Rob Gronkowski Will Not Answer Your Aaron Hernandez Questions

Touchdown, porn and surgery enthusiast Rob Gronkowski gives one hell of an interview. You never know what that crazy guy is going to say. But

Here’s a Picture of Aaron Hernandez Holding a Gun

Thinking critically, this 2009 picture of Aaron Hernandez taking a selfie while holding a gun shouldn’t really change the way the public views the now-incarcerated

Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder, Released by Patriots

Aaron Hernandez was arrested early this morning at his suburban Boston home and charged with the murder of his associate Odin Lloyd.

Jimmy Fallon Reprises ‘Tebowie’ to Hilariously Sing About Tim Tebow Becoming a Patriot

The worst thing that could have possibly happened this off-season, for people who listen to or watch a lot sports media, was Tim Tebow getting

The New England Patriots Sign Tim Tebow

Jesus Christ. No, seriously. Jesus Christ.

Wes Welker Joins the Denver Broncos

The Wes Welker era in New England is over. Gisele Bundchen must be so happy.

New England Fans Harassed Torrey Smith About His Late Brother, Remain Intolerable

Fans are the worst part of sports. Here’s Example No. 29,291.

Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Bill Belichick For Skipping Out on CBS Interview

Does anyone like Bill Belichick? Does he even like himself? Probably not.

‘Have Fun at the Pro Bowl, Arrogant F*ckers’ Terrell Suggs Wins the Post Game Interview

While the rest of us get foot-in-mouth disease from drinking too much booze, the thrill of victory is apparently Terrell Suggs truth serum. It turned