worst marriage proposal

Worst Marriage Proposal Ever Causes 3 Buildings To Be Evacuated After Crane Collapses


You want the girl of your dreams to remember every moment when you get down on one knee and ask her to be your wife til the end of time.

World Cup 2014

This Arjen Robben flop Vine is the clip that keeps on giving


Remember when the Netherlands came back to beat Mexico on a terrible flop in the box.

Video games

A game that has you squeezing slabs of raw meat to control it


Sorta makes waving your arms around, to manipulate the Kinect, not so bad in comparison, right.

Virl marketing

The viral ‘add drama’ button makes a triumphant return


Last year, a clever video promoting TNT in the Netherlands featured a button that bystanders could press leading to a cataclysmic eruption of drama around them.


This Beach Soccer Goal May Melt Your Face Off


If you missed the Netherlands-Denmark beach soccer match over the weekend, you probably have some self-respect.

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