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Can You Guys Believe The Pope Made It Out to the Argentina-Netherlands Match?

How'd he get tickets?

Bizarre Dutch Couple at World Cup Will Have You Scratching Your Head


Aw, Crickey! Tim Cahill Puts Another Shrimp in the Barbie With Volley Blast From Down Under

Mel Gibson-approved.

Robin van Persie’s Incredible Header is the Only Thing People are Talking About This Morning


You Have to Hear This Univision Announcer’s Reaction to Spain Winning a Penalty Kick

Vaguely human.

This Beach Soccer Goal May Melt Your Face Off

If you missed the Netherlands-Denmark beach soccer match over the weekend, you probably have some self-respect. You also probably missed this incredible overhead volley –

Tourists Can Forget About Buying Marijuana in Amsterdam

Bad news, pot enthusiasts. That trip over to Amsterdam is about to get a lot less enjoyable, thanks to a new law, upheld by a