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The Hottest ‘Full House’ Cast Member May Reprise Her Role As ‘Hottest ‘Full House’ Cast Member’ In The Reboot

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By far the hottest 'Full House' cast member was Lori Loughlin, but she faces stiff competition this time around.

customer service

Netflix’s Customer Service Did Something AWESOME For A Marine Deployed In Afghanistan


We all know that Comcast's customer service is the worst thing in the world.


Netflix Additions And Purges For The Month Of May 2015


So did you actually watch everything you said you were going to watch on Netflix this month.

with bob and david

Bob Odenkirk And David Cross Are Getting A Sketch Comedy Show On Netflix


Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, the two minds behind the fantastic Mr.


This Bro’s ‘Cuddle And Watch Netflix’ Tinder Icebreaker Might Be The Smoothest Thing Ever


This guy wins everything, including a date with Noelle watching "Netfix".


Netflix Additions And Purges For The Month Of April 2015


The weather is warming up so you probably won't be inside camped in front of your TV as much, hahahaha.


The Extended Trailer For The New ‘Daredevil’ Series On Netflix Shows Marvel’s Most Intense Endeavor Yet


To be completely honest, the only things I know about the Daredevil franchise is what I saw in the original film with Ben Affleck, and that movie blows fat turds all over anyone who’s unlucky enough to get stuck watching it.

house of cards

SPOILER ALERT: Everything You Need To Know About ‘House Of Cards’ In Nine Minutes


Like many of you, I can't wait to sit on my couch this weekend, drink bourbon, and binge watch Season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix.


Netflix Additions And Purges For The Month Of March 2015


Time once again to load up that Netflix queue as several titles will be unavailable real soon.

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