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Why Netflix Can Be a Relationship Dealbreaker

Want to *really* get to know a person? Take a look through their Netflix recently watched queue.

The Bro’s Guide to This Summer’s Netflix Instant Lineup

It’s almost summer, and Netflix knows it.

Netflix In Real Life

Ever wonder what your Netflix habits would look like in real life? Here you go...

Netflix Introduces New ‘Browse Endlessly’ Plan for $5

Did Netflix do it again or did Netflix do it again? Only $5 a month to fill your queue with […]

The Onion Perfectly Describes Your Netflix Habits by Announcing Netflix’s ‘Browse Endlessly’ Plan

YES. Leave it to The Onion to describe Netflix for what it really is: a consumer-friendly way to browse a […]

5 Movies New to Netflix to Stream in 2014

Since it's a new year I think it's important to put into perspective just how far Netflix Instant came in 2013. This time last January

Watch a New Trailer for ‘House of Cards,’ Featuring Frank Underwood Antics and a Girl-on-Girl Kiss

House of Cards was easily the best new television show to debut in 2013, even though it was technically not even a television show at all.

Bored on a Snow Day? Netflix Just Added a Few Good New Movies

Netflix did taketh away, but Netflix has also giveth. Netflix is merciful. Praise Netflix.

A LOT of Good Movies Are Expiring on Netflix Streaming

At BroBible, we've run a series over the past few weeks that highlighted some of the best movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix. (It's

5 Fantastic Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Streaming

If you don’t think movies can change the world then you’re watching the wrong movies. Film critic Matty Robinson once said, “A great film is going to

Here’s the Spine-Tingling Trailer for Season Two of ‘House of Cards’

Ohhh, Francis is talking to the camera again! He's doing it!

5 Terrific TV Shows to Binge on Netflix Streaming

Winter break is well deserved in college. It’s a time to sleep in a comfortable bed, relax with your favorite pet—which should be dog if

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Movies to Stream on Netflix

It's a firm belief of mine that the less you know about a film prior to watching it, the better. Pay close attention to the

5 Date Movies to Watch on Netflix Streaming

Choosing the right Netflix Streaming movie to watch on a date—or with your girlfriend—is a delicate practice. It's not easy to figure out what to

This Netflix Customer Service WIN Is Great

Imugr user Normanh found out just how wonderful Netflix's customer service representatives. So much so that he almost wishes there was another issue to report. You

What Do We Think of this Preview for Ricky Gervais’ ‘Derek,’ Netflix’s Newest Series?

Thus far, Netflix has had a 2013 reminsicent of Babe Ruth's 1927, or Lil Wayne's 2007. This fall, they'll look to comedy man Ricky Gervais

Bluthfighter is the Ass-Kicking ‘Arrested Development’ Fighting Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Now that complete Arrested Development withdrawal has set in, we’re left to fill our days with tangential items that remind us of simpler, happier times

How to Train for a Netflix Marathon

This is how you binge... 

Netflix Wants Another Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Judging by a few conversations and chatter on Twitter, most bingers have finished the fourth season of Arrested Development by now. If you haven't seen

Sharpen Those Pitchforks: Nearly 2,000 Titles Will Disappear from Netflix Tomorrow


Watch the First Clip from the New Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development, which returns on May 26—that's a Sunday, so cancel your plans now—just released the first scene from its new season online over at

Good Luck Hopping on Your Mom’s Netflix Account in the Future

It's a time-honored tradition shared by college kids and post-grads the country over: If you know a parent, friend, friend's parent, or cool dude named

The 21 Best Stoner Movies to Watch on Netflix Instant

You know the feeling: You get home and your roommate is chilling on the couch. Maybe your day was good, maybe your day was bad.

Spotify Will Add Streaming Video and Compete with Netflix, HBO

Like many of you who got caught up in the Great "House of Cards" Binge of 2013, I was excited by more than just the

We (and ‘House of Cards’) Killed Television—Long Live Netflix

Last weekend, I watched nine episodes of “House of Cards” in a row, getting up only to pee during episodes three, five, and six. I

How Netflix Can Ruin a Perfectly Fine Date Night

We can all agree that Netflix is the best thing ever, right? But sometimes it's personal recommendations can go a little too far... 

‘Arrested Development’ Will Officially Return in May


Netflix’s Dark New Thriller ‘House of Cards’ Looks Like It Might Be a Must-Watch

So this is a pretty cool idea: We've known for a few months now that Netflix is trying to get into the content-generating game. It

10 Shows for Bros to Binge Watch on Netflix

In between the hungover mornings and blackout nights there is a ton of free time at college. I guess you could go to class if

10 More Great Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ Movies With Gratuitous Female Nudity

(Editor's Note: A few years ago, we posted the 10 Great Netflix 'Watch Instantly' Movies With Gratuitous Female Nudity. Well, today we've updated it with

The Netflix Break-Up Into Streaming and DVD Companies Makes No Sense

If you're a Netflix subscriber who woke up to a disturbing email from some guy named Reed Hastings this morning, you're not alone. The CEO

Netflix Relief Fund with Jason Alexander

Netflix, much like your friendly neighborhood drug dealer, sold you their product at a discounted introductory rate, then once you were addicted, they bumped up

25 Netflix Instant Watch Movies You Should See

As much as Netflix raves about its streaming feature, there seems to be an abundant lack of 1980s high-thong adult entertainment and some of the

Boyfriend Uses Netflix to Tell Cheating Girlfriend He Knows About Her Infidelity

Since this is such an easy Photoshop job to pull off, I'm hesitant to really call this legit, but it's clever nonetheless. A guy supposedly