Data Science Has Crowned The Best Burrito In America

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Burrito science is the science of burritos.

why football is great

10 ways to get your nerdy friend into football


As a rule, no one should be too nerdy for football.


Nerd spazzes out buying GTA V because he needs a photo ID


Interest in the new Grand Theft Auto game is at an all-time high so you can sort of excuse this guy's disappointment.

what is a nerd

5 things modern kids don’t understand about being a ‘nerd’


Everything that used to be a geek hobby is now everyone's hobby, but it wasn't always that way.

things that are nerdy

8 ways today’s nerds and geeky things are glorified


Back in the day if you liked nerdy things like not-cars and not-sports you'd be pounded into the ground by an angry greaser or jock.

The Library

14 ways to tell if you’re really a nerd


How can you tell if you’re a nerd.

Zooey Deschanel

Watch four people annoyingly argue about why Mario is a douchebag


Cracked just launched the second season of their "After Hours" web series, which is basically four friends at a diner late at night, arguing over stupid crap.

Wyatt Donnelly

9 nerds who won the most at life

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Nerds are a valuable staple of our twisted self-culture, serving as punching bags for the elite and as loveable underdogs for the downtrodden.

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