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Bogus Interpreter from Nelson Mandela Memorial Being Investigated for Murder

Just when you thought the Nelson Mandela fake interpreter story couldn't get any stranger, something like this happens.

Sign Language Interpreter Translates the Gibberish Signed by Man at Nelson Mandela Funeral

These are the facts: On Tuesday, a (possibly schizophrenic!) man passed himself off as a sign language interpreter, managed to stand behind some of the world's

Detroit Television Station Remembers Nelson Mandela With Alex Rodriguez Graphic

Nelson Mandela’s death is understandably dominating the news cycle. He cemented his legacy as one of history’s most influential political figures long, long ago. As

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95

Sad day. Nelson Mandela—who led South Africa's anti-apartheid movement and became one of the most important political leaders in world history—died today at the