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5 Racing Games That’ll Make You Buy a Next Gen Console

When it comes to next gen gaming, there’s nothing that can compete quite like a racing game can. Whereas other [...]

Hot Inappropriate Poser Girl Makes Us Ask: Would You Cross The Line?

We love inappropriate things. We also love hot women acting inappropriately. This video made by Need for Speed hits both of those things on the head... Secure

No Rules, No Limits, No Loyalties: Need For Speed: Rivals Is One Heck of a Intense Thrill Ride

Like speed? Would you say you like it so much you have a need for it? If so then Need for Speed: Rivals is a

Here’s the First Full-Length Trailer for Aaron Paul’s ‘Need for Speed’

Need for Speed's first full-length trailer delivers, in spades, the classic Jesse Pinkman ha-HA laugh—but it feels a little... depressing this time around. Maybe it's Paul being forced

Aaron Paul’s New ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Is Awful

Want to watch a remarkably good character actor completely devalue his career by starring in an action movie devoid of nuance, depth or interest? Yea, me

Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen Star in New ‘Need for Speed’

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen have been integrated into "Need for Speed: the Run," the latest edition of