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Texas A&M’s Bright Football Complex Is an Impressive Facility, Except for One Glaring Miscue

This place isn't a dump.

The Bucknell University Football Team Took Some Incredible Profile Photos this Year

Might as well, right?

U.S. Map Shows Most Hated College Football Team In Each State. Or Does It?

Rigging poll results doesn't make you cool, you guys.

ASU Bans Kegs, Funnels and Drinking Games from Football Tailgates

Canned beer is just as potent; cornhole is more fun than beer pong; and funneling is for fucking amateurs.

OSU Football Player Shows His Body Transformation After Two Years of Working with an NCAA Strength Coach

His hair even underwent a stunning transformation.

Here is the New College Football Playoff Trophy, People Already Saying It Looks Like a Vagina

This is it. The new College Football Playoff trophy.

Oregon Has New Military-Inspired Football Uniforms for Their 2014 Spring Game

There's Oregon and then there's everyone else.

Houston Football Coach Surprising Walk-on With Full Scholarship In Front of His Mom Will Hit You in the Feels

It's gettin' dusty in here.

Jared Lorenzen Had The Most Jared Lorenzen Response to The NCAA’s Free Snacks Rule

Of course this was his response...

Marcus Hall Finally Making Bank on His Iconic Double-Bird Moment

One of the lasting images of last year’s college football season was Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall saluting the […]

Arkansas State Has a Trick Play Called ‘Hide the Midget,’ They Ran It In the GoDaddy Bowl

I don't know if midget is the preferred nomenclature for people small in stature, but possible offensiveness aside, the play itself seemed highly effective when Arkansas State ran

The 16 Most Patriotic NCAA Football Uniforms

Instead of watching the football games this Fall, you better start paying attention to the uniforms your favorite players are wearing.

Die, NCAA: Colgate Freshman Suspended a Year for Playing Church-League Basketball (UPDATE)

Nathan Harries is a Colgate freshman who will lose a year of college eligibility for playing three games of church league basketball this summer. The ban

University of Arizona Football Team Had an End-of-Camp Dance Off, It Was Fantastic

The Arizona Wildcats just provided us with easily the best thing to come out of the NCAA Football pre-season thus far. The fuckin' Equipment Manager

Marine Forced to Redshirt Year Because the NCAA Continues to Suck

24-year-old former Marine Steven Rhodes must redshirt his freshman year at Middle Tennessee State, the NCAA has ruled, because he once played in an intramural

The Trillest of the Trill, Jay Bilas, Forced the NCAA to Change Its Website

The NCAA has long contended that the connection between the jerseys it sells and the current athletes who wear them is coincidental—that, for instance, the

The New College Football Playoff Has a Logo

If you could make money off of something, that something will probably be accompanied some sort of logo. In the spirit, this is the NCAA/BCS

‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Takes Down the NCAA and Its Asinine Rules

Remember Ed O'Bannon? Bald dude, played basketball for UCLA way back in the day, helped them win the 1995 National Championship, went on to do

St. Johns Max Hooper Takes 3 Point Challenge, Makes 109 Shots in Five Minutes

Old and busted: trick shot videos. The new hotness: actual shot videos. In this video, St. Johns Max Hooper (oh, he's a hooper alright) makes

Every Fan’s Girlfriend: College Basketball


College Basketball Player Gets Called For a Charge During Dunk From the Free Throw Line

O.K., so he was a foot in front of the line, but he carried that other dude at least three feet and that should count

Here’s the Complete College Football Bowl Schedule

It’s time to wear gross shoes and breathe in copious amounts of cigarette smoke. We’re going bowling.

Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez 76-Yard TD Run Last Night Is One of 2012’s Best Plays

Sick run, Bro. We'll try to forget it happened during an embarrassing 39-point loss to Wisconsin...

UCLA Students Send a Message to USC (Written in Dorm Lights) Prior to This Saturday’s Showdown

This Saturday, the UCLA Bruins welcome the USC Trojans into their house in what will prove to be a clash for the ages (or something

NCAA Deepening Probe Into Nerlens Noel Recruitment Case

After basketball behemoth Nerlens Noel reclassified to move up to the 2012 recruiting class, he instantly became the hottest commodity on the "play for my

Watch as Vanderbilt Fourth-Year Walk-On Marc Panu is Awarded Scholarship During a Team Film Session

Here's your warm and fuzzy moment of the day. During a preseason team meeting, Vanderbilt fourth-year walk-On Marc Panu is awarded a full scholarship and

Sports Links for July 23: The R.I.P. Penn State Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Check Out These Throwback College Hoop Shorts

Our buddies at Soletron have pair up with a one-of-a-kind company that offers a pretty cool product: Retro replica college basketball shorts. The folks

Next Year’s Final Four is in Alanta

It was a tough NCAA tournament for scorer’s tables. First, the courtside banner next to Syracuse’s bench asked if viewers thought student-athletes were “just a

Insane Baylor Fan Dances Away Pain of Loss to Kentucky

Since this is America, he’ll probably get his own sitcom or reality show. Dancing Baylor fan is currently the talk of the Internet

March Monotony: The Commercials We Can’t Take Anymore

March Madness means it’s socially acceptable to spend 13 consecutive hours on your couch watching games. That part is wonderful. There are, however, some collateral

A Guy Named Four Led Vermont to a First Four Win

After Tuesday’s historic First Four meltdowns, it was only natural for us to expect something amazing to happen during the Vermont-Lamar game. But the matchup

Which March Madness Broadcasting Teams Are Great, Which Ones Should be Muted

Those broadcasting NCAA Tournament games have an opportunity to go down in history with every game that goes down to the wire. Those transcendent moments

Midwest Region Breakdown: Can Kansas Compete With North Carolina?

The Tar Heels of North Carolina survived a few injuries this season to win the ACC regular-season crown. Juniors Leslie McDonald and Dexter Strickland had

Report: Syracuse Basketball Repeatedly Violated Its Drug Policy

A Yahoo! Sports investigation into the Syracuse basketball reveals the university has allegedly allowed players that returned positive drug tests to play when they shouldn’t

UConn’s Shabazz Napier Nails 30-Foot Game-Winner Against Villanova

Shabazz Napier's 30-foot heave at the buzzer found its way through the bottom of the net as UConn stole a much-needed win against

Roy Williams and Tom Izzo Talk About North Carolina and Michigan State’s New Veteran’s Day Uniforms

First, I'd like to wish all of our servicemen and women a happy Veteran's Day. The lengths to which you go and the

30 Greatest Name Fails In College Basketball History

I don't even want to know how many rosters and man hours this list of 30 names took to compile. See if it

8 Important Myths About College Sports

Unless you live under a rock, you're well aware that there are quite a few contentious, off-the-field issues surrounding college athletics right now. The BCS

Stan Van Gundy’s Mad at the NCAA, Too

Tired of countless scandals in college sports? Tired of the bogus "student-athlete" commercials the NCAA tries to shove down our throats after we just saw