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NBC’s Fall Lineup, Now With 100% More School Shooting Jokes

This sounds like it could backfire.

Pudding Pops For Everybody! Bill Cosby Returning To NBC

According to “Kenny’s older brother”, and reputable sources at Deadline Hollywood, Bill Cosby will return to NBC to star in a family comedy.

Here’s Great Footage of Bob Costas Ripping the Mets, Lamenting ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’

If you didn't catch this watching the US Open yesterday, Bob Costas unloaded a mini-rant for the ages. After a short Cubs/Mets burn, Costas recapped

Last Night’s SNL Host Seth MacFarlane ‘Voiced’ Quite the Monologue

Seth MacFarlane, comedic giant and legendary cultural observer, parlayed this summer's big screen success into an SNL hosting gig. The "TED" creator kicked off the

Watch the Epic New Trailer for NBC’s ‘Revolution’

Even if you hate sci-fi everything, how can you not get excited about this show? Jon Favreau (the director of "Iron Man") and

Tennessee Man Doesn’t See Massive Rock Slide, Wins World’s Worst Driver Award

A local NBC station in Tennessee was covering a rock slide that shut down a mountain road when some idiot drive failed to notice the