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The Washington Wizards Brilliantly Trolled Miami Heat Fans Last Night

Being from Washington, D.C. (like me), you have to deal with a lot of shit when it comes to sports. 

LeBron James Tackles Fan After Nailing $75K Halfcourt Shot

Michael Drysch hit a halfcourt shot at the Miami Heat game last night to win $75,000 and a ridiculously awesome hug-tackle from LeBron James.

‘Every Fan’s Girlfriend: NBA Edition’ Is Endless Buckets of Hilarity

Where would obsessive sports dudes be without their girlfriends? Probably in a ditch somewhere, honey bbq sauce smeared over every inch of their face for

Every NBA Fan Base in Under Three Minutes

No one, and I mean NO ONE, likes to harp on old fan-base stereotypes quite like this guy. Don't believe me? Check out the vid