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Did Julius Randle Say “I Want to Smoke” After Getting Drafted?

Big investigation.

Nik Stauskas and His Extremely Bro Dad Share an Awesome Handshake at the NBA Draft

His dad is a Bro.

The NBA Drafted Isaiah Austin and It Was a Wonderfully Emotional Tribute

Feelings were felt.

Andrew Wiggins’ Girlfriend, Alex Reid, Is Very Hot (10 Photos)

It's a good time to be Andrew Wiggins.

Zach LaVine Has an Insane 46-Inch Vertical Jump

Serious ups.

Here’s a Supercut of David Stern Getting Booed at the Draft

David Stern will retire in February of next year, meaning last night marked the final NBA draft of his 30-year career as commissioner. And as

New York Knicks Bros Bro as Hard as Los Angeles Lakers Bros

These New York Knicks Bros waited several hours for their team’s selection. Apparently, they spent the whole time working themselves up into a frenzy over

The Cleveland Cavaliers Picked Anthony Bennett No. 1 and Everyone FREAKED OUT

Anthony Bennett is the most surprising top overall pick in NBA Draft history. People reacted accordingly – including David Stern and ESPN analyst Bill Simmons.

A Couple of Washed-Up Bros Have Declared for the NBA Draft

Andrew Hunter—a Brooklyn-based copywriter—hit us up with the announcement last night. He's going pro, he said, and his friend Nick Moran is coming with him.

Sports Links for July 2: Olympic Faceplant Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Bernard James’ ‘U-S-A’ Moment Was the Best Part of the NBA Draft

Bernard James was the feel-good story of last night’s NBA Draft.

Presenting the Ridiculous 2012 NBA-Nintendo Draft

This is just tremendous work right here.

Here’s Our Official NBA Draft Drinking Game

The NBA Draft is tonight. If this is a high point in your sporting year, you and I have different world views. Still, it’s the

Sports Links for June 26: Snoop Dogg’s Son Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Anthony Davis Has Trademarked His Unibrow

Anthony Davis is the odds-on favorite to be the top pick in the NBA draft on Thursday. He’ll likely go to the New Orleans Hornets

A Look Back Shows NBA Draft Lottery Has Been Rigged For Foreva-eva

The NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets won the league's draft lottery last night, securing both the top pick and extra eyebrow hair.  If you read the

2011 NBA Mock Draft: No Elite Talent, but Still Plenty of Capable Players

Even though it’s being shifted over to Newark and is low on high-end talent, the NBA Draft is still a fun time. As we’ve seen