Chipotle’s Twitter Was Hacked By A Bunch Of Nazi Trolls, Leading To This Very Unfortunate Exchange


Chipotle's Twitter was hacked late last night by a bunch of trolls who turned it into a Nazi page.


This Is What A WWII Movie Would Look Like If You Substituted All The Nazis With Furbies


Furbies were possibly the worst invention to come out of the 1990’s, right next to Tamagotchis and Hit Clips.


Nurse Who Banged Nazis During WWII Just So She Could Give Them STDs Is Finally Being Recognized For Her Heroism


I think I speak on behalf of everyone reading this when I say, "It's about goddamn time.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand Got Kicked Out of An Awards Show For Telling Nazi Jokes


If there's one thing the world has learned about Russell Brand over the last few months, it's that he loves to kick the status-quo beehive.

the holocaust

‘The Day The Clown Cried’ footage unearthed


This movie was so controversial it was buried for decades.


Wanna Go Nazi Hunting? Operation Last Chance Wants YOU


They're all over 90, they boast professions like "beekeeper," and they committed their crimes over 70 years ago.

World War II

Tomorrow, a city will stop entirely for one minute


Every August 1st, the people of Warsaw, Poland, stop for a minute to pay tribute to the soldiers in their city who fought the Nazi regime in 1944.

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