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Navy Will Wear These Awesome White Uniforms Against Ohio State on Saturday

Crisp and clean.

Cool GoPro Video of the Navy Parachute Team Jumping Into the Padres’ Home Opener

U-S-A. U-S-A- U-S-A.

Navy Bros Drop Another Sick Spirit Spot… Is It More Legit Than the Army One?

Honestly, the build up to the Army-Navy game might be my favorite thing in the world. So much shit-talking, so much brotherly-hate.... I love it.

West Point Bro Drops the Sickest Hype Video Ever for the Army-Navy Game

Sorry, Navy: In retrospect, that "Suite and Tie" cover was soft as hell. Army just kicked your ass in the YouTube hype game with this

U.S. Naval Academy Bro Drops the Smoothest Hype Video Ever for the Army-Navy Game

When it comes to fantastic hype videos, no one beats the swag of the U.S. Naval Academy. This Bro was the star of the U.S.N.A.'s

The Uniforms for the Army-Navy Game are Here

Do yourself a favor and put the annual Army-Navy game on your Bucket List. The 114th renewal of the rivalry takes place on December 14

The U.S. Naval Academy Just Kicked Air Force’s Ass In the Academy Spirt Video War

Sorry, Air Force... Your little Daft Punk-themed academy spirt hype video just got DESTROYED by your rivals in Annapolis. This video by the midshipmen at the

U.S. Air Force Academy Cadets Made a ‘Sink Navy’ Hype Video

Bros... BROS... This weekend the U.S. Air Force Academy football team is scheduled to play the Navy football team. Except one problem: The federal government is

The U.S. Naval Academy’s Swim Team Posed for an Incredible Underwater Pic

Wow, this is awesome. Props to the Bros on the U.S. Naval Academy's swimming and diving team for taking this incredible underwater pic. Their 2013-2014 team picture is

Someone ‘Leaked’ Navy Football’s Nike Pro Combat Uniform for the Army-Navy Game Already

Sure, college football doesn't start for a few more weeks. But that's not stopping the college football fashion show from slowing down. Yesterday morning Chris

The U.S. Navy Shot Down a Drone with a Laser Beam, Because Stars Wars Is REAL

Last July, off the coast of California, the Navy successfully shot a small drone out of the sky with a laser cannon on the back

Check Out Navy’s Sweet Uniforms for Saturday’s Game Against Army

Yesterday we showed you Army’s awesome uniforms for the rivalry game against Navy on Saturday. In the interest of fairness, here are the Midshipmen’s equally

Army Will Wear These Awesome Uniforms Against Navy

Army will wear these uniforms for its game against Navy on Saturday. Spoiler alert: They are awesome. Check ‘em out.

Naval Academy Midshipmen Create Incredible ‘Gangnam Style’ Lip Dub

Just when we're finally burying the "Call Me Maybe" lip dub phenomenon, in comes the "Gangnam Style" videos. Get ready.

The U.S. Open’s Jungle Bird Crashed the Notre Dame-Navy Game Yesterday

So, a little backstory here: A couple of months ago, I watched with glee as Webb Simpson's U.S. Open interview was interrupted by a man

Tiger Woods Almost Quit Golf to Become Navy SEAL, Former Coach Says

Tiger Woods gave serious consideration to quitting golf and becoming a Navy SEAL, according to a new book from his former coach. Golf Digest published

Navy Makes a ‘Teach Me How To MID’ Video

Navy's enrollment just plummeted. Though, there is a dude breakdancing on his head in the vid. So I guess that's cool.  

Watch a Timelapse of the Basketball Court Being Set Up for the MSU-UNC Carrier Classic

The Navy provided this really cool timelapse video for tomorrow's extra special Michigan State vs. North Carolina college hoops game on the flight

6 New, Awesome Nike Pro Combat College Football Uniforms

We loved the first round of Nike's 2011-12 Pro Combat uniforms, especially the Oregon football uniforms that gave our nightmares nightmares. That said, we