Watch This F-14 Tomcat Break The Sound Barrier In The Greatest Fly By You’ll Ever See


It's not exactly easy for a jet pilot to time the precise distance until he'll get up to speed and break the sound barrier, but it appears that this pilot did just that.


‘GhostSwimmer’ Is The US Navy’s Response To Drones, And It’s A Fishy Wet Fart Of An Invention


In order to keep up with the US Military's rapid expansion of drone programs, the US Navy is getting into the game with the 'GhostSwimmer'.


The Navy Midshipmen Dropped A Big Gas Ship On Army In This Hype Video Showcasing Their Most Cunning Linguists


The Navy Midshipmen take on their arch rival Army on the 13th of December, and in true Navy form they released an epic hype video, and this video has one clear message: they give a ship.

robert o neill

This Navy SEALs’ Message To Robert O’Neill Is Clear: Keep Your Mouth Shut

By | 8 Comments

As I'm sure you've heard by now Robert O'Neill is the Navy Seals memeber who is personally responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden.

naval academy

SHOTS FIRED: The Naval Academy Trash Talks Notre Dame In This Epic ‘Anaconda’ Spirit Spot Parody

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The US Naval Academy's spirit spot trash-talking game during football season is one of my favorite things on YouTube.

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