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Watching This Killer Whale Throw A Sea Lion Over 20 Feet In The Air Reminds Me To Never Piss Off Nature

Sucks to be a sea lion.


Not cool, nature.

These Photos of Mayflies Invading Wisconsin Might Make You Shit Yo Fuckin’ Pants

Damn Nature, you scary.

VIDEO: Bee Kills Spider to Save Other Bee and I’m Unsure How I Feel About That

Nature loves violence.

Whoa. This Snake Is Eating Itself (Video)

Accidentally? Intentionally?

This is a Firenado, Which is a Fiery Tornado That Will Kill You Dead

Damn fire.

Australian Bro Almost Gets Eaten By a Giant Shark, Screams Like a Little Girl

Ermahgerd! Ermahgerd! Ermahgerd!!!! Do you think this Australian Bro shit his pants when a shark swam up that close to him? That […]

Bro Recalls the Time He Scared the Sh*t Out of a Grizzly Bear, Literally

Legitimately cool story, Bro....

This Picture of a Massive Oarfish In California Will Make You Never Want to Go in the Ocean Again

I love the ocean. I love swimming in the ocean. It's super relaxing to me. But still, at the same time, it always manages to

Toad Eats Bat, Wins Everything

What did you have for breakfast today? Some steel-cut oats? Eggs over easy? What about a FREAKING BAT? You didn't? Then you, sir, are less

Amazing Photos Released of a Golden Eagle Attacking a Deer

Researchers in southern Russia set up a camera to capture a golden eagle swooping down to attack a young sika deer. The hungry eagle not only

Look at This Giant Wasp Nest

An entomologist found over one million yellow jacket wasps in this nest located in central Florida. Never go to central Florida.

Golfer’s Round Ruined When He’s Sucked Into Giant Sinkhole

Move it along. Nothing to see here. Just a poor bastard getting sucked into an 18-foot-deep sinkhole while golfing. Pretty standard.

What Does It Look Like When a Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Breaks Apart?

It looks like something out of an end-of-the-world movie.

Watch an Anaconda Regurgitate an Entire Cow That It Tried to Eat

Jesus Christ, nature can be so damn beautiful sometimes... Animals and humans aren't so different after all. Like the anaconda, vomiting is exactly how every

Little Kid on Bike Trail Provides Hilarious Narration to His Thrilling Ride

I feel like we've all done this at some point in our first-grader minds, but the exception of course is that the rest of us

Massive Shark Gives Diver Quite A Scare

Dudes being dudes, and sharks being sharks:

Here’s a Clam Eating Salt in Extremely Slow-Motion

You were probably looking for something just filthy here. No such luck, pervert. You’re getting one of nature’s money shots in slow motion.

Cape Cod Kayak Trip All Fun and Games Until Great White Shark Shows Up

Dana Richardson was just out getting his kayak on off the shores of Cape Cod yesterday when sh*t got really real.

Killer Burmese Pythons Eating Every Mammal in Florida Everglades

Giant pythons are absolutely having their way in the Florida Everglades. They're hungry and eating mammals at a breakneck pace. Beware. This isn't that soft

Cool Footage of Lava Pouring Into a Fissure From the Mt. Kilauea Volcano Eruption in Hawaii

In case you didn't know, Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii is blowing its top. Yesterday the mountain blasted a fountain of lava 80 feet into the