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Moment Unsuspecting Crab Gets Merked By Octopus Flying Out Of Water

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This poor crab is minding his business, catching some rays in Yallingup, a town in Western Australian.

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This GoPro Video Of A Lioness Hunting A Buck Is INCREDIBLE


Zoologists Kevin Richardson -- known as "The Lion Whisperer" -- has bar none one of the coolest jobs on the planet.


Watch This Giant Sea Lion Wreck A Fisherman By Throwing Him Across A Boat Deck Like It Ain’t No Thang


In case you needed a reminder that the ocean is fucking terrifying and will straight-up wreck your shit given the chance, here’s a giant sea lion hurling a fisherman across a boat deck.


HOLY CRAP: Watch A HUGE Great White Shark Eat Another Great White Shark

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This past weekend, on a roadtrip to Vermont, I got into a pretty intense debate over a  "Would you rather.


Spreading These 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming Is Making You Sound Moronic


If you still believe that climate change is a myth then this video really is not for you.

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