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Scientists Put a GoPro on a Falcon to Capture Badass POV Footage Ever of Birds Hunting

Not going to lie, this is the most badass thing I've watched all week. Researchers at Haverford College recently attached a GoPro (or something like a

Bro Recalls the Time He Scared the Sh*t Out of a Grizzly Bear, Literally

Legitimately cool story, Bro....

Toad Eats Bat, Wins Everything

What did you have for breakfast today? Some steel-cut oats? Eggs over easy? What about a FREAKING BAT? You didn't? Then you, sir, are less

A Bear and a Monkey Raced on Bicycles, Was a Friendly Match Until the Bear Committed Murder

What a treat the crowd at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park received recently. In an adorable exhibition, whereby a black bear and a monkey race on