Bros Make an Epic Natty Light Can Beer Pong Table


A couple of days ago I posted about the epic LED beer pong table that a couple of Bros at Penn State made.

Ohio State University

Banner at Ohio State CVS Confirms Beer is College Students’ Most Important School Supply


One could argue Natural Light is more important and useful to a young mind than pencils, pens, and notebooks combined.

Sapporo Light

7 of the most efficient beers for getting drunk without getting fat


It’s simple: when it comes to beer, men want the finest fat-to-fun ratio possible.


10 beer brands you might not know are owned by AB-InBev


People rarely realize just how many of their favorite beers and brands are owned by AB-InBev.


What’ll It Be? A Bro’s Guide to Choosing the Right Drink


So go the first three words out of the barkeep’s mouth when you plop down in your favorite seat at ye’ ole’ neighborhood watering hole.

Natty Light

Meet Nattasaurus Rex, the Coolest Natty Beer Can Creation We’ve Seen Today


A reader sent in this alumnium-can monster dubbed "The Nattasaurus Rex.

the clap

Sex with Teachers, Squirters, the Clap, and Legalizing Weed


This week we tackle why high school dudes turn their teachers in for having sex with them, dating a girl who squirts, and if you can contract the clap from a BJ.


Thanks to Two Bros, Natty Light Officially Becomes the First Beer in Space


On November 18, 2011, Natty Light officially became "The First Beer In Space.


Wikipedia Page for Lacrosse Includes ‘Natty’ Under Equipment


Our eagle-eyed correspondent Natty Boh Bro just made us aware of an amazing edit to the Wikipedia page for Lacrosse.

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