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Just In Time For July Fourth We Have A Video Of Nine Exploding Goats Singing The National Anthem

We here at BroBible are patriotic, if not sensical.

This Rendition of the National Anthem From Daytona 500 Weekend is Both Awful and Amazing

Yesterday, America’s self-proclaimed “most patriotic” band, Madison Rising, performed the National Anthem to kick off the festivities for today’s Daytona […]

1000 High School Students Sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ In the Most Awesome Way Possible

Between this and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, I feel so much red, white, and blue adrenaline running through my veins, […]

A Petition Is Dedicated to Making ‘Party in the USA’ Our National Anthem, Which We Do Not Support

Miley Cyrus' 2009 song, "Party in the USA," one of those I-knew-it-was-popular-but-holy-shit hits with over 342 million YouTube views—23rd all time—is now the subject of

Here’s the Inspiring National Anthem Before Tonight’s Boston Bruins Game

Two days after the unthinkable happened, Boston sports fans gathered together for a Bruins game. Emotions were understandably high as a million different emotions converged.

Beyoncé Lip-Synced the Star-Spangled Banner at Inauguration, You Guys

Live music is dead. All hail pressing the "play" button!

Red Bull Gives You Wings, F1 Racecars That Can Rev the National Anthem

'Merica, 'merica, AND MORE 'MERICA. 

Hatorade: The National Anthem is Played Out and Blake Griffin Can’t Commit an Offensive Foul

When the radio-friendly members of The Fray strode to the microphone at center court before the opening tip of the national championship, expectations were low.

Did The Fray Give the Worst Rendition of the National Anthem Ever at the NCAA Championship Game?

Well, I've had over 12 hours to think about it: Yes. Yes it was. Worst. National Anthem. Ever. The Fray's rendition of National

20,000 Portland Timbers Fans Sing Passionate National Anthem

The Portland Timbers of the MLS might not have had the budget for a fancy star like Rihanna or Bruno Mars to sing

Watch Jim Cornelison Sing the National Anthem Before the 9/11 Bears-Falcons Opener at Soldier Field

Maybe your team won this weekend, maybe it lost. Ultimately, as patriotism and solitary soared in somber remembrance of the 9/11, America came

How Awesome Was Jim Cornelison’s National Anthem Before the Bears-Seahawks Game?

As demonstrated before yesterday's Bears-Seahawks game, the great, great city of Chicago can boast one of the finest National Anthem traditions in professional sports. In