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A NASA Astronaut Took a Selfie for Instagram On a Space Walk, Nullifying All Other Selfies Ever

On December 24, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins took this selfie with good ole Earth in the background during a Spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

Frog Attends Rocket Launch, Is Subject of Hauntingly Tragic Photo

This frog’s lifelong dream of becoming famous came true. Then his life probably ended. So worth it, especially if you have a miniscule brain.

‘Mad Men’ Writers Want to Make a Show About NASA in the ‘60s

Today in "Please Greenlight This Idea STAT": The writers of Mad Men are developing a new show that would focus on the Cocoa Beach, Florida-based

4 Reasons Why the World Is Going to End Friday

Just as NASA did in their premature "why the world didn't end yesterday" video, Jimmy Tatro makes some valid points in his.

Remembering Neil Armstrong, an American Hero

I recently read Buzz Aldrin's 2009 autobiography and, after hearing the news of Neil Armstrong's death yesterday, thought about Aldrin's quote when he first bounded

NASA Releases First HD Video of the Curiosity Rover’s Descent to Mars

This is amazing.

NASA Has Released a 360 Degree Panorama of Mars, and It’s Pretty Amazing

I'll admit it—I geek out a bit with this Mars stuff. The news we read every day can be so goddamn depressing, so it's nice

NASA Created a Pee-Recycling Bag So We Can Drink Our Own Urine in Space Someday

Yipeeeeeeee. Can we call this thing the "The Bear Grylls Machine"? With a crew of four astronauts and mission to the International Space Station, the