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Criminal Has Name Which Expresses How We All Feel When We Get Arrested

Not ironic, actually.

What People’s LAST Names Say About Them

An extremely unscientific conversation about last names. Sorry, Biebers.

Get a Load of This Girl’s Name

That poor, poor girl.

What Girls Think Your Name Says About You

Ryans are troublemakers, apparently.

Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested For Possession of…

I'm not sure if this is irony.

The 2014 All-Name Lacrosse Team Is Here to Remind You White People Are the Worst

Lax. Lax. 

10 Names Parents Gave Their Kids In 2013 That Should Count As Abuse

This is the year that brought us Sharkeisha. Could these names be worse?

‘Key & Peele’ Once Again Take on Hilarious Football Names

We’ve been singing the praises of Key & Peele for some time now, largely in part to hilarious sketches like the 2012 East-West Bowl skewering

The New Orleans Hornets Will Apparently Be the New Orleans Pelicans

You know what’s crazy? Every single new nickname sounds terrible and cheesy while we just blindly accept existing ones. So, with that in mind, New

Chad Ochocinco No Longer Exists

Chad Ochocinco has eight-sixed his unusual and technically inaccurate Spanish surname. The verbose wide receiver and OCNN media mogul changed back to Chad Johnson earlier