who uses social media

What your choice of social media says about you


If you’re a living, breathing person right now, there is roughly a 278% chance that you use at least one social media site, and probably more than one.

web sites that no longer exist

Web sites we used to love (remember Friendster?)


Some of these Web sites simply no longer exist, and some have just changed so much over the years that they're hardly recognizable as the Web sites we used to love visiting.

new myspace

There’s a New Myspace Coming Out, Looks Way Less ‘Rapey’


Rising like the f*cking Phoenix, from the ashes of Tom and his stupid "I'm too busy building a rapists' playground to turn completely around for this picture" profile photo, comes Myspace: version 8.

What you should never say on social media

7 things you should never say through social media

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Everyone and their great-grandmother is on Facebook these days, celebrities are tweet-fighting with their children, and normal people can't seem to stop broadcasting every trivial detail about their lives.


NSFWish: Coco’s Photo of Her Butt Considered So Racy That MySpace Removes It


[inline:2] We've shown you previously some ridiculous photos of the very curvaceous Coco, Ice-T's wife, but right now you're probably looking at this photo saying, "eh, what's the big deal.

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