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Walmart Shopper Shoves Her Hand Up Her Ass Crack and THEN Things Get Gross

Someone get this chick on TLC's My Strange Addiction and do it IMMEDIATELY.

The Next ‘My Strange Addiction’ Features a Woman Drinking Her Own Urine

Ready for something stomch-churningly grotesque that the fine people at TLC just sent us? As I Tweeted on Sunday night, only a person who drinks

‘My Strange Addiction’ Girl Can’t Stop Drinking Gasoline

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" has offered-up some doozies before but this chick who is addicted to DRINKING GASOLINE  might be their finest hour.

‘My Strange Addiction’ Episode Features a Man Who Has Sex With His Car

Son: "Uh, hey dad. I asked you to meet me and Irene up here.." Dad: "I can't believe you named your car, idiot."

Woman Addicted to Eating Her Dead Husband’s Ashes

My Strange Addiction" has had many weirdos eating odd things like drywall, rocks, and tv remote controls, but on Sunday night's season finale things got