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This GoPro Video of a Dad Surfing With His Little Guy Will Make You Want to Be a Dad

Hollywood couldn't possibly script a more perfect father-son bonding moment.

50 Life Lessons I Learned From My Father

Growing up, my Dad drove a van.

Son Buys His Dad a 57 Chevy For His 57th Birthday

This video gets all of the feels.

The Do’s and Don’ts of When Your Parents Visit You At College

Your first year of college is a scary time...for your parents.

5 Important Things a Father Should Teach His Son

Dads are a strange and temperamental group, one minute they’re imparting life skills on you, the next moment they’re hitting you with a belt because

Coolest Dad Ever Recreates Classic Album Covers with His Kids

My pops loves music and has quite the LP collection that lines an entire room of shelves in our house. […]

Coolest Dad Ever Takes His Kid Drifting, Kid Loves Every Second Of It

Awwwwwww….. Shout out to this Bro dad who took his little guy drifting. This kid’s eyes get bigger than saucers […]

7 Things We Wish Dad Would Stop Doing

Wearing socks with sandals is the most Dad thing ever. 

‘True Life: My Dad is a Bro’ Premiers This Saturday on MTV!

My Dad is a Bro. First came the BroBible.com Father's Day contest, then the Tumblr blog, and soon a book published by Simon & Schuster.

Dad Wears Super Short Jorts In Public to Teach His Daughter a Lesson

Fact: Bros love jorts, though only when homemade and worn in a redneck manner that mocks hipster douchebags. Fact: Bro dads love jorts, only because

You Will Cry Watching This Video About a Daughter Who Threw a Fake Wedding for Her Dying Dad

Rachel Wolf's dad is dying of pancreatic cancer and won’t be around for the actual big events in his daughter’s life, so this was the

A Tribute to Bro Dads Being Awesome

Your old man is cooler than you, Bro....

Happy Father’s Day from BroBible!

Father's Day is a pretty special day for us around here, so we just wanted to warmly wish all our Bro-Dad readers a Happy Father's

This Dad Raving at Coachella Is Proof Bros Come in All Ages

A couple of hours ago, we posted a highly stylized and edited video from the Electric Daisy Carnival. This video featured extremely hot girls raving to

Here’s Grandpa Doing a Keg Stand Like He’s King of the Bros

Via Buzzfeed comes this amusing video of an 80-year old grandfather doing a kegstand at a wedding. Can we crown gramps king of the bros and get

Last Call for Our ‘My Dad Is a Bro’ TV Show Casting!

Our casting for the TV show version of MY DAD IS A BRO is almost over, but we wanted to do one last call for

Dad Celebrates his 60th Birthday by Benching an Obscene 300 Ibs

What a legend. This champion of a Dad is doing himself a HUGE disservice by not being on 'My Dad is a Bro." 

25 Funny Photos of Dads Bro-ing Out, In Honor of Father’s Day

Father's Day is pretty important to us around here. As a tribute to all the Bro-dad around the world, we've compiled a little gallery of

BroBible and Lionsgate Casting for ‘My Dad Is a Bro’—the TV Show!

Bros, remember our book from last year, MY DAD IS A BRO? Well we're now making it into a TV show. A major television production

Bro or Not Bro: Dad of the Year Makes Epic Facebook Comment About UC Davis Women’s Volleyball Team

Bro or Not Bro? Doesn't matter: It's still hilarious. Give this guy a father of the year award as soon as possible.

Military Dad Dresses Up as Captain America to Surprise His Son by Coming Home on His Birthday

Best video you'll watch today and will make you gush with patriotic pride. Bro of the week?

This 90-Year Old Farmer Has Fathered 50 Kids And Doesn’t Know All of Their Names

World, meet Brazilian farmer Luiz Costa de Oliveira. At 90-years-old, he's somewhat of a Casanova.

55-Year Old Casino Executive/Rapper Named A. Samuels Is ‘Livin De Life’ With Swagtastic Music Video

Stop everything you're doing right now. This is a must-watch. World, meet New Jersey rapper A. Samuels, "a 55 Year old casino executive

Paramedics Take Cancer-Patient Dad to Son’s Little League Game; Son Knocks One Out of the Park

Bar-none the best Father-Son sports story you'll read today. Huge bro moves for everyone involved.

Dad Quits Job to Watch Son Pitch for South Carolina in the College World Series

Here's your weekly "boss-is-a-d*ck"/#mydadisabro/family-above-all-else story of the day. David Roth, a car salesman at Steve White Volkswagens and Audis in Greenville, South Carolina, wanted to

VIDEO: The Best TV Dads Through the Decades

In case you forgot, Father's Day is this upcoming Sunday. In honor of Dads everywhere and our kick-ass book, "My Dad is a Bro," we've

The Daily Buzz for June 14, Presented By #mydadisabro

So... Last week I did Gunaxin's podcast to discuss our book, "My Dad is a Bro," as well as some of the best dads in

Six Days Until Father’s Day! Have You Bought a Copy of ‘My Dad is a Bro’ Yet?

Hey! This upcoming Sunday is Father's Day. That means this week is your last chance to buy a copy of our book, "My Dad is

Buy ‘My Dad is a Bro,’ Take a Picture of the Book, Win Cool Summer Schawag

As you probably are aware of by now, our book, "My Dad is a Bro," is out in bookstores nationwide. "My Dad is a Bro:

Send Us a Photo of You Going Full Bro with ‘My Dad is a Bro’ and Enter to Win Father’s Day Schwag

As you probaby are aware of by now, our book, "My Dad is a Bro," is out in bookstores nationwide. "My Dad is a Bro:

Tell Us Why Your Dad is a Bro On Twitter or Facebook and Enter to Win a Copy of ‘My Dad is a Bro’

By now you know about our totally awesome book, "My Dad is a Bro." It's the ideal gift for Father's Day and we hope all

‘My Dad is a Bro’ Now Available at Bookstores Nationwide! Did You Buy a Copy Yet?

Bros: Dad's Day is only two weeks away. Did you pick up a copy of BroBible's very first book, "My Dad is a Bro," for

Dodgers Fan Dad Drops Daughter to Catch Foul Ball

We're always impressed when a dad snags a foul ball while holding his kid. Remember this guy? That was a Bro of the Week-worthy performance

Hey Look! We Have a Book for Sale!

Last week our first book, "My Dad is a Bro," went on sale at bookstores nationwide, just in time for Father's Day. Did you pick

Sound Advice From Cinema’s Greatest Bro Dads: The Supercut

Ladies and gentlemen, we have fantastic news: Our first book "My Dad is a Bro" comes out today! We'd be thrilled if you did us

VIDEO: BroBible Founder Doug Banker Hypes ‘My Dad is a Bro’ on Fox

BroBible's first-ever book, "My Dad is a Bro," hits bookstores Tuesday and this morning, BroBible's Founder and C.E.Bro Doug Banker made an appearance on the

Get Your Copy of ‘My Dad is a Bro’ for Just $8!

In less than three weeks our new book "My Dad is a Bro" will hit book stores around the country. You can secure your advanced

‘My Dad is a Bro’ Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

A few weeks ago we announced that our very first book, "My Dad is a Bro," is now available for pre-sale order on Amazon.com and

‘My Dad is a Bro’ Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

A few weeks ago we announced that our very first book, "My Dad is a Bro," is now available for pre-sale order on Amazon.com and