Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Unlike You’ve Ever Heard It Before


When I first came across this video and saw 'Nirvana played using computer hard drives' I really didn't think it would be worth my click, holy crap was I wrong.


Someone Turned Members Of 30 Legendary Rock Bands Into One Person


The last time we posted one of West Coast Shaving creations, they took every NFL quarterback and mashed them into one person.

american pie

Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ Sold For $1.2 Million At Auction—Which Is Like 1.5 Million Pies At McDonald’s


At an auction on Tuesday at New York City's Christie's Auction House, Don McLean sold his original manuscript to 'American Pie' for $1.


Rapper Plies Gets Thrown Off Stage When Fan Body Slams Him During Concert


On Friday night, rapper Plies was in Tallahassee, Florida for a stop in his “Find Your” tour when it turned into a WWE match.

2015 sxsw

Here’s How To Turn Three Completely Different Versions Of The Same Song Into One Insane Video


A few days ago, we posted about the insane mashup cover of Twisted Sister’s hair-metal, fight-the-man anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It.


Who Is Crichy Crich? Meet The Rapper Who Infamously Got Tara Reid’s Name Tattooed On His Arm

By | 2 Comments

Crichy Crich rolls with the punches and lets life take him wherever it feels like.


These 25 Songs Have Been Added To The Library Of Congress, And It’s About Damn Time


As they have done each year since 2002, the Library of Congress has inducted 25 songs (and/or albums) to be preserved forever in the National Recording Registry.

bored on a plane

Bro Gets Bored On A Plane–Mixes The Hottest EDM Track Of 2015

By | 5 Comments

When I get bored on a plane I usually fall asleep or play some 'Trivia Crack', but when Reddit user 'ConsiderateGuy' gets bored on a plane he mixes the hottest track of 2015 using the airplane sounds around him.

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