power ballad

Are These Puppets Singing Mr. Big Awesome, Or Am I Still Hammered From Beat The Clock?


Mr Big's early-90's power rock ballad 'To Be With You' is in fact Top 5 Best Drunk Songs To Sing At The End Of The Night.

bob dylan

Listen To Two Unreleased Bob Dylan Songs: ‘Ain’t No More Cane’ And ‘Tupelo’


On November 4th Bob Dylan's 'Basement Tapes' will be released, a handful of never released or heard songs including 'Ain't No More Cane' (1967) and a cover of John Lee Hooker's 'Tupelo'.

lana del ray

Lana Del Ray Fan Wants Her To Sit On His Face—She Can’t Stop Herself From Laughing


At a recent Lana Del Ray concert one fan caught an incredible moment on camera in which an adoring fan screams out, eloquently professing his love for her, and she cannot help but laugh it off.


‘The Greatest American Hero’ Theme Song + Star Wars = Pure Genius


Who knew that by adding the theme song to 'The Greatest American Hero' with 'Star Wars' footage you could paint the picture for the world's greatest sitcom.

Real World

‘Bitch, I’m Whipping A Saab’ Is A Song Recent Grads Can Relate To. Maybe.


If you believe this music video, Saab culture is a thing that's happening with recent grads "making 40 grand a year in a commission based job.


‘The Wolf Of System Of A Down’ Is Either The Best Or The Worst Mashup We’ve Ever Seen


'The Wolf Of System Of A Down' is either the single greatest mashup I've ever seen, or the worst.


This Bro Bought The ‘Pitch Perfect’ Soundtrack For His Wife Before A Long Road Trip, Made Worst Mistake Ever


I don't know what this bro could possibly have been thinking when he purchased the 'Pitch Perfect' soundtrack for his girlfriend before a long road trip to Colorado, but from this footage it's obvious that he made the worst mistake of his life.


‘South Park’ Dropped A Hot Deuce All Over Lorde’s Music Last Night

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Last night on South Park the music of Lorde was exposed by former Little League fighter Randy Marsh, and it was incredible.

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