bored on a plane

Bro Gets Bored On A Plane–Mixes The Hottest EDM Track Of 2015

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When I get bored on a plane I usually fall asleep or play some 'Trivia Crack', but when Reddit user 'ConsiderateGuy' gets bored on a plane he mixes the hottest track of 2015 using the airplane sounds around him.


This Heavy Metal Cover of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ From ‘Grease’ Is Inexplicably Incredible


There are only two times during which a song from 'Grease' is appropriate to play: late night at an 80's night bar, and in a heavy metal cover.

Snoop Lion

‘Eddie Murphy The Musician’ Is Back And Ready To Fuck Up The Reggae World With His Hot New Track ‘Oh Jah Jah’


In college me and my bros pregamed to Eddie Murphy's 'Party All The Time' more than any other track, and it wasn't even close.

butt stuff

Watch This Magnificent Ass Hooked Up To ‘The Booty Drum’ Convert Twerking Into Real Music


There's no explanation I'll accept for this technology existing that isn't along the lines of "Trust fund kids spending too much time in the club gawking at girls twerking decided to throw some of their parent's money at getting these girls back to their private sound studios'.


Two Bros, One Guitar: These Two Dudes Made An Awesome Song While Doing Shots And Smoking A Joint


You're probably not familiar with The Pilot Kids, but they absolutely deserve to be on your radar.

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