grateful dead

That Sound You Hear Is The Bongos Of Hippies Worldwide Rejoicing Over A Grateful Dead Reunion


What started last week as rumors too good to be true has just been confirmed, the four living (core) members of the Grateful Dead will reunite for a three-night run this Summer in Chicago, joined by Phish frontman and hippie God Trey Anastasio.

nicole scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Is Looking DAMN Fine Doing Some Sexy Dancing In Her New Music Video For The Song ‘Bang’


Not gonna lie, I skipped through most of the song just to get to the parts where Nicole is dancing around.


Bro Makes Epic Music Video Set To Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’ Asking His Friends To Be His Groomsmen


I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, when I first saw this story of a bro who made a music video/wrote a song asking his boys to be his groomsmen and he set it to Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero'.


7 Incredibly Shitty Things We Learned From A Reddit AMA With A Former Boy Band Member


In the 1990s, there were probably more failed boy bands than successful musical acts.

wu tang clan

Wu-Tang Clan Just Dropped Their 20th Anniversary Album, Here’s Our Review


Since the early 90’s America has experienced its first black president, six iPhones, the inventions of Facebook, Snapchat, and zero Knicks championships.


This Is Why Plumbers Shouldn’t Take Molly On The Job


I cannot say in earnest that I've ever looked at a plumber and thought to myself 'that looks like the kind of bro who loves to pop molly.

best songs of 2014

In Case You Don’t Listen To The Radio, Here’s Every Hit Song From 2014 In 2.5 Minutes


December is going to fly by and before you know it we'll be ushering in 2015, so now's the perfect time to take a look back at all the hit songs of 2014, right.


Start Your Night Off Right With Keys N Krates’ New Album ‘Every Nite (The Remixes)’


One of the main things that people who hate EDM always bitch about is how it’s “just some guy jumping around on a stage pressing buttons,” and whenever that argument gets thrown around I always respond back with three words: Keys N Krates.


This German Shepherd Sings Better Karaoke Than You Ever Will


Man's best friend is always there when you need him, whether that involves chewing up the shoes you weren't sure you'd ever wear again, or if you need a partner to sing a duet with you, he's there.

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