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‘Bitch, I’m Whipping A Saab’ Is A Song Recent Grads Can Relate To. Maybe.


If you believe this music video, Saab culture is a thing that's happening with recent grads "making 40 grand a year in a commission based job.


‘The Wolf Of System Of A Down’ Is Either The Best Or The Worst Mashup We’ve Ever Seen


'The Wolf Of System Of A Down' is either the single greatest mashup I've ever seen, or the worst.


This Bro Bought The ‘Pitch Perfect’ Soundtrack For His Wife Before A Long Road Trip, Made Worst Mistake Ever


I don't know what this bro could possibly have been thinking when he purchased the 'Pitch Perfect' soundtrack for his girlfriend before a long road trip to Colorado, but from this footage it's obvious that he made the worst mistake of his life.


‘South Park’ Dropped A Hot Deuce All Over Lorde’s Music Last Night

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Last night on South Park the music of Lorde was exposed by former Little League fighter Randy Marsh, and it was incredible.


This Off The Head Freestyle From 17-Year-Old Rapper A-F-R-O Just Melted My Mind


Some people have a way with words, other people not have way.


This Little Girl’s Hilarious Song About Poop Is Reason #10,000 To Avoid Having Kids


I though we were done with 'Frozen' forever, but apparently not.

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