Kristen Bell’s New Song ‘Text Me Marry Christmas’ Just Killed My Last Morsel Of Yuletide Cheer


Unless you're living under a rock I'm sure you've heard the new reports of arctic traveling through most of the country right now.


Attila Frontman ‘Fronz’ Explains How To Quickly Recover From An Embarrassing Public Screw-Up

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According to Attila's official press, "it’s been far too long since a heavy metal band could get the party started the way Attila can.


Eminem Swore More Than A Sailor With Chlamydia During His Veteran’s Day Concert With Rihanna—And People Are Pissed


Last night in honor of Veteran's Day Eminem performed in our Nation's capital with Rihanna, and in true Shady style he didn't censor himself at all.

epic rap battles of history

Epic Rap Battles Of History Is Back With ‘Ghostbusters Vs. Mythbusters’


In what's been a several month hiatus during Season 4, Epic Rap Battles Of History is finally back, and they seem to be trying to tap into the Internet's love of all things nerd.


The Only Video I’m Watching Today Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Set To 1980’s Jazzercise


It's a little known fact that every song Taylor Swift has written in adulthood matches up PERFECTLY to 1980's Jazzercise and aerobics videos.


Why You Need To Listen To The Migos’ New Mixtape Right Now


Their mixtape is the biggest thing on Twitter right now.


4 Major Life Lessons I Learned From Traveling With EDM DJs


As people, we find inspiration in many different ways and are constantly finding life lessons in the most unthinkable places.


18 Thanksgiving(ish) Songs In 60-Seconds Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Holiday Music


Thanksgiving's just around the bend, and believe it or not but we're only 50 days away from Christmas Eve (at the time of publishing).


The Norm: A Band You Need To Know About


Shortly after Bryan Rucker and Ryan Bars became step-brothers, they realized they had at least one thing in common: Music.

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