late night tv

Jimmy Fallon And Give The ‘Ew’ Sketch The Music Video It Deserves…And I Just Died Laughing


The 'Ew' sketch has been appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon since the show first launched, if I recall correctly Michelle Obama was the first to appear, and later Taylor Swift.


Mom Drops In To Ruin Son’s Janky Ass Music Video, Needs A Pack Of Damn Cigarettes


You know that moment when you're looking all fresh and singing like a jackass in your mom's car whilst filming a janky ass music video.

Paris Hilton

The Only Appropriate Reactions You Could Ever Have To Paris Hilton’s New ‘Music’ Video, As Told Through Gifs


Buckle your seatbelts ya assholes, we're about to drive through a shitstorm in a turdmobile.

terry crews in major lazer video

Major Lazer ‘Scare Me’ features Terry Crews and Blake Anderson


Major Lazer's new music video for "Scare Me" features Terry Crews, Nick Kroll, and Blake Anderson wearing a denim eye patch.

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