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Wiz Khalifa Proposes, Surprisingly Remembers it This Morning

Wiz Khalifa proposed to Amber Rose last night, undoubtedly after several bong rips and trippy doobs. Bros, what did we learn from Kris Humphries? Never


DMX Loves Crack, Hates Drake

Last night DMX took the stage in NYC at SOB's and even brought out the likes of Swizz Beats to do a guest verse. A

Some Bro Determined Exactly Which Day is Ice Cube’s ‘Good Day’

It's official, someone has determined exactly which day Ice Cube is referring to in his classic track 'Today Was a Good Day.' After careful calculations,

Blink 182 Drops First Single in Eight Years…. Do You Care?

 Somehow the Aughts blissfully went by without anyone in our office noticing nor really caring that Blink 182 hasn't released any new music. When it

Bono Hitchhikes in Canada, Gets Picked Up by Edmonton Oiler

Bono Edmonton Hitchhiking

The Vancouver Canucks weren't the only Canadian hockey players making headlines this week. Gilbert Brule of the Edmonton Oilers and

Gucci Mane Committed to Mental Institution

Gucci Mane

Rapper Gucci Mane bowed out of a probation hearing today, claiming that he was too mentally incompetent