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GOOD NEWS EDM FANS: Miami Isn’t Going to Cancel Ultra Next Year!!!

Good news, raver Bros: Despite what was previously reported, your annual PLUR-life molly-popping extravaganza in Miami isn't going to be canceled. Woooo! Book those tickets.

Miami’s Mayor Made a Video of Just How Terrible EDM Fans Are at Ultra, Plans to Cancel the Festival

It's no secret that EDM fans act like animals hopped up on Special K at Ultra, their annual spring PLUR cult orgy in Miami.

REMINDER: You Have Only a Few Days Left to Ultimate Music Festival Package from Schick Hydro®

Time is running out!

Does Anyone Know Why Avicii Had to Go to the Hospital? Is Ultra Cursed?

Apparently there's some speculation that Miami's big EDM festival week is "CUUUUUUURSED" this year. Avicii and Afrojack have both had to go to the hospital.

Bros! Win a Trip for You and a Friend to a U.S. Based Music Festival from Schick Hydro®

Want to go to one U.S. based music festival OF YOUR CHOICE from May ’14 – May ’15 for free?

Win Two Weekend Passes to the Hangout Music Festival In Gulf Shores, Alabama

There's a music festival everywhere you look these days. However, The Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama sticks out from the pack as pretty much

Arty, ATB, and Lil Jon: The Hottest Party In Miami Next Weekend Is at The Clevelander Hotel

You guys ready for Ultra/WMC weekend?

Let’s All Laugh at These Silly Ravers Dancing to the Benny Hill Song

OK, sure, these Dutch ravers at the 2013 Awakenings Festival are not really dancing to “Yakety Sax.” Still, who doesn’t enjoy making [...]

TomorrowWorld Tickets On Sale Now!

Bros…. Huge news: The tickets for September’s TomorrowWorld 2014  are now officially ON SALE!!!!. Last year more than 140,000 fans attended the [...]

Bros: Tickets for TomorrowWorld — the Best Damn EDM Festival In the Country — Go on Sale on Saturday!

The hype for festival season is in full swing. If you don’t have September 26 – 28 circled on your [...]

Here’s the Highly Eclectic Bonnaroo Lineup for the 2014 Festival

What crunchy tunes can you expect at Bonnaroo this year while you ogle the girls with the painted-on boobs and [...]

Bros: Win Two Free Weekend Passes to the CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival In April

Bros, are you ready for music festival season as much as we are? We’re freakin‘ amped at how sick all [...]

Ultra Music Festival Announces Its 2014 Line-Up

Book those planet tickets to Miami: Ultra just announced its line-up for the 2013 Ultra Music Festival. Here's what's interesting about this year: It's not just going


Do You Even Rave, Bro? 30 Pics From BroBible’s Trip Down South to TomorrowWorld

I had to head down to TomorrowWorld in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia this past weekend. How could you pass up the U.S. debut of

Dirty Drunk Widespread Panic Wookie Has Epic Local News Photobomb After a Music Festival

Lol... Panic sux*. 

If you get it, you get it.

This wookie is my spirit animal. A local news station in Virginia did a report from the


Watch the Awesome ‘Tomorrowland 2013’ Official After-Movie

I don't even particuarly enjoy EDM, but I'd give my left nut to attend Tomorrowland once. And if you're a HATERRRR, trust me: you'll change

Police Believe a Batch of Molly Mixed with Bath Salts Caused the Deaths at Electric Zoo

The EDM scene has continued to grieve the deaths of two young ravers at Electric Zoo who apparently died after taking what was

Two ODs and a Vanilla Ice Concert: A Blogger Goes to the Gathering of the Juggalos

Opening 'graph: “Even if a bitch wants to look at you dirty, just shake a titty at her, she’ll laugh.”

I’m In Love with This Hot Girl Wrapped In the American Flag In the TomorrowWorld 2013 Trailer

What a babe. This chick might be the most perfect 10 I've ever seen in my life. TomorrowWorld 2013 is going to be absolutely ridiculous. 


DJ Brillz Wrote a Excellent Facebook Essay about Drugs That All You EDM Raver Kids Should Read

Over the next few days, we're going to hear a lot about the terrible tragedy that happened at New York's Electric Zoo music festival, where two kids in

Six Hits of Molly Allegedly Killed 20-Year-Old Electric Zoo Concert-Goer

The EDM scene is still reeling over this weekend's unprecedented cancellation of E-Zoo's day three, a cancellation that occurred after two kids in their

Electric Zoo Cancelled After Two Drug-Related Deaths

After this weekend's Electric Zoo saw two concert-goers die, and at least four others hospitalized in intensive care, the New York Mayor's Office recommended

Is It Possible to Actually Work for the Entirety of a Workday? Plus, are Music Festivals Old News?

For the eighth episode of the BroBible podcast, senior editor and fiery media extraordinare Brandon Wenerd joins host


Rage From Home With The Day 2 Stream of Tomorrowland

After yesterday's mayhem, the Tomorrowland 2013 live stream is up again for your Saturday's festivities featuring live performances from Avicii, Benny Benassi, Chuckie, Martin Solveig, Nicky


Watch The Tomorrowland 2013 Live Stream From Belgium

The worlds biggest music festival is underway as attendees from over 214 countries from across the globe descend on Boom, Belgium to dance their troubles

29 Things Only Music Festival Goers Will Understand

Do you even fanny-pack, bro?

The New Tomorrowland 2013 Trailer Will Make You Want to Dance Your Face Off In an EDM Fantasyland

I can't tell if this is a trailer for a massive European EDM festival or the "Through the Looking-Glass" sequel to Tim Burton’s "Alice in

Girl at Music Festival Tries to Puke in Porta-Potty, Falls In Face-First

I think this is literally the worst thing that can happen to someone. One second you're trying to hurl in a porta-potty, the next second

An Open Letter to Parents Who Bring Their Kids to Music Festivals

Dear Couple who brought their kids to a Music Festival,


Massive Trailer for TomorrowWorld 2013 Will Get You Pumped for a Trip Down the EDM Rabbit Hole

If you're not in Georgia for TomorrowWorld on the weekend of September 27th - 29th, are you even a real person? The guys behind Europe's

The Average Music Festival-Goer Would Rather Drink Than Watch Bands, According to ‘Shocking’ Study

MSN UK polled 2,000 Isle of Wight and Glastonbury and Reading Festival-going lads and found some stunning and controversial "facts" about our beloved shared musical experiences: Some

15 Best Music Festivals Left In Summer 2013

There are few more harmonious relationships on the planet than that of summer and festival season.

8 Things to Accomplish at a Music Festival

Music festivals have been around forever but only until recent years have EDM festivals blown up bigger than Kanye’s baby mama.

Coachellavated: What Coachella Looks like From 7 Feet High

Turns out Coachella is just as much fun when you're high (...up, as in elevated) as when you're not. Here's a dope recap via GoPro

This Is What Happens When You Leave A Camera On Your Car At Bonnaroo

Bros just going to Bro out and do their thing. 

Watch Action Bronson Dance Around Shirtless Through the Crowd at Coachella

Compliments to The Chef, all hail The Chef. 

One of BroBible's favorite East Coast rapper, Action Bronson, made a legendary appearence at Coachella this weekend, bringing

R. Kelly Performs ‘Ignition (Remix)’ with Phoenix at Coachella

Guess who DIDN'T show up for Phoenix's much-hyped Coachella Saturday set? Daft Punk. But guess who did join the French rockers? R. Kelly, who did one

Bored? Live Stream Coachella Right Here All Weekend Long

If you're anything like me, you probably wish you could be at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California right now for Coachella 2013. Forunately,

Four Guys Go Through ‘Coachella Bootcamp’ in Hilarious Funny or Die Clip

If you've already touched down in the desert, smelled the openly-consumed shrooms, and recognized the first chords from that indie band you heard that one

Sh*t Girls at Coachella Say

"This is like Woodstock... but, like, now." With Coachella kicking off this weekend, HotGirlsHotThings put out one of those "shit people say" videos about common