r.e.d. album

CBS Interviews Game, Hilarity Ensues


In a flagrant attempt to hype the release of his latest project The R.

nate banks

Interview and Music From Rapper Nate Banks


Nate Banks began writing and performing music at 16-years old with his friend, and now producer, Jordan Robbins.

pearl jam twenty

‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ a New Documentary From Cameron Crowe


Pearl Jam's footprint on the grunge scene of the 1990's is undeniable.


Bob Dylan’s Grandson, Pablo Dylan Is A Rapper


In most cases music talent is not a genetic trait that can be passed down from generation to generation.

summer interns

Meet Justin Blau, Credit Suisse’s Summer Intern Who Moonlights at the Mash-Up Artist ‘3LAU’


If you're into the mash-up scene, perhaps you're familiar with an artist who goes by the stage name of "3lau.

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