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CBS Interviews Game, Hilarity Ensues

In a flagrant attempt to hype the release of his latest project The R.E.D. Album, rapper Game found himself in a bit of trouble after

Interview and Music From Rapper Nate Banks

Nate Banks began writing and performing music at 16-years old with his friend, and now producer, Jordan Robbins. At age 20 Nate sold his car

‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ a New Documentary From Cameron Crowe

Pearl Jam's footprint on the grunge scene of the 1990's is undeniable. Born from the ashes of Mother Love Bone, and originally named Mookie Blaylock,

Bob Dylan’s Grandson, Pablo Dylan Is A Rapper

In most cases music talent is not a genetic trait that can be passed down from generation to generation. However the iconic folk singer Bob

Meet Justin Blau, Credit Suisse’s Summer Intern Who Moonlights at the Mash-Up Artist ‘3LAU’

If you're into the mash-up scene, perhaps you're familiar with an artist who goes by the stage name of "3lau." According to NetNet, his name