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Katy Perry and Riff Raff Combined For… Well, I Guess It’s Music

It's not the best music.

Badass Bluegrass Cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstuck Is Badass

Scandinavians don't fuck around.

Listen to New Found Glory’s Brand New Single Because New Found Glory Fucking Rocks

I chose this song over you.

Katy Perry’s New Music Video Will Leave You Horny and Hungry for Pizza


Here’s What Reddit Thinks Are the Most Popular Albums of the 2000s

Get ready to open Spotify and bathe in some nostalgia.

These Charts Accurately Break Down The Stupid Things That Go Into Each Genre Of Music

"HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY." - background to every rap song ever.

The White Panda Is Making This the Best Week of Summer With New Releases Every Day


Let’s Fucking Dance: Listen To Chromeo’s ‘Freestyle Playlist’ Of 80s Pop And Funky Disco Music

Chromeo may be the hottest act in North America following the release of their latest album, White Women. E

Holy Shit: Blink-182 Is Really Releasing a New Album

A couple of years ago I lost my shit when Blink-182 dropped the first single in eight years, Up All Night, which was on the

Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Now Going On Tour As An EDM DJ And Of Course The Tour Is Called ‘Rave Of Thrones’

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

9 Female Pop Singers and the Power Animals That Represent Them

Because things and stuff.

You Won’t Make It 20 Seconds Into This Un-Autotuned Britney Spears’ Song Without Barfing

It's that bad.

You’ll Never Guess What This Pervy Old Guy Sang About On ‘America’s Got Talent’ That Made Heidi Klum Shit Bricks

Now if only my grandparents gave as few fucks as this guy...

Amazing Drummer Plays Every Blink 182 Song in Five Minutes

Well, the popular ones.

The Hot Chick With Huge Boobs Who Sings Cover Songs Takes on Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Crosstown Traffic’

Oh, hello Jess Greenberg.

7 Chill Albums for Summer Weather

It's nice out, brah.

American Soccer Hero Clint Dempsey’s New Rap Single Dropped Today (Seriously)

No, seriously.

Extremely Hot Chick Singing Foo Fighters’ ‘My Hero’ Extremely Well Makes Something in My Pants Extremely Happy

Her cleavage is someone's hero.

I Dare You To Keep A Straight Face During This Stripper Pole Version Of Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’

Oh and there's a clarinet involved too.

This Polish Street Performer Can Play the Living Shit Out of a Guitar

I’m the last person at BroBible to ever cover anything related to the music beat, but shit, polish street performer, […]

These Two Bros Do a Bad Ass, Acoustic Cover of Da Rude’s Sandstorm

It's techno, without the tech.

Pharrell Williams Starts Every Hit Song the Same Way

Bum-bum-bum... YEAH.

I’m a Bro and I Love Girly Pop. Here are My Reasons.

Not afraid to admit it.

Jurassic 5 Is Back and the Same as Ever

I'd forgotten about them too.

This List Shows You How Much It Costs to Book America’s Biggest Music Acts…and Nickelback

I fully realize that I could have just not included that Nickelback dig in the headline, but any opportunity to shit on Nickelback is an

What Your Favorite Music Tells Girls About Your Personality

Being a single chick at Penn State main ain’t no walk in the park. Every weekend, new adventures ensue and I find myself curious about

Yo, Real Talk? This Dude’s Violin Cover of ‘Roar’ Is Pretty Dope

It's very impressive.

BroBible DJ Tim Gunter Remixes Twin Shadow for All Your Springtime Raging Needs

Fell in love with this track playing GTA V and hearing it on Radio Mirror Park.

Asher Roth Takes on the Arab Spring or Something in New Video for ‘the World Is Not Enough’

College is over for Asher.

Listen to Skrillex’s New Collaboration With Chance The Rapper

It's... different.

Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash (?) Team Up to Make the Smooth Jam ‘Hero’

It's one of the weirdest collaborations I've ever seen.

Here’s the First Footage of Andre 3000 Playing Jimi Hendrix

The most difficult thing about Andre 3000 playing Jimi Hendrix is that you're expected to forget you're watching Andre 3000 play Jimi Hendrix.

These Are the Most Hipster Bands, According to Pitchfork Rankings and Facebook Shares

I am not a hipster. I don't say that with or without pride, it's just a matter of fact.

A Map of the Most Hated Music Artists in Each State

  Earlier this week, we showed you a map from Paul Lemere’s blog Music Machinery breaking down the most popular band/musical act from […]

CHART: What Is the Most Popular Band in Your State?

This chart, via Paul Lemere’s blog Music Machinery shows the most listened to band for every state in America. Did you […]

Michael Sam Dominated the Handbag Throw at the NFL Combine, Golfer Steve Elkington Reports


Listen to Our First BroBible Staff Playlist or Be Destined for a Life of Permanent Un-Chillness

Our website didn’t work on Thursday and Friday. You might have noticed. It’s been as frustrating for us as it […]

20 Lessons Millenials Can Learn from Bob Marley Inspirational Quotes

Today is the  birthday of Robert Nesta Marley, one of the most iconic musicians on the planet. If that bitch […]

Noel Gallagher Watching (and Shitting On) Old Oasis Videos Is Everything

Oasis. Man. They had some pretty decent tunes back in the day, didn't they? I've got one friend who needs two hands to count all the

This Is My Gym Playlist, DEAL WITH IT

I don’t use my iTunes at the gym.