Researcher Says Magic Mushrooms And LSD Are Just As Safe As Playing Soccer


That long, strange trip might not be as damning to your health as your D.


Dudes Do Mushrooms Before Trying To Pickup Girls In Amsterdam And It Fails Hilariously


The fine folks at Simple Pickup passed over two million subscribers on their YouTube channel and to celebrate they indulged in some recreational drugs.


English Guy Takes Enormous Amounts of Drugs, Delivers Safety Advice to Strangers


Well, here's a weird bit of amazingly out-of-the-norm behavior to kick off your return to the norm on Monday.

Video games

Guy on drugs reviewing ‘Super Mario 3′ isn’t legit, but is funny


There is perhaps no greater NES game than Super Mario Bros 3, and nothing more clichéd than someone filming themselves while pretending be drunk or high.

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