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This Fifteen Year-Old Schoolgirl Decapitated Her Classmate Because She ‘Wanted To Dissect Someone’

That sounds like a pretty valid reason, I don't see the problem here.

Guy Tries To Pay His Cartel Debt With ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures, Is Immediately Murdered

I guess the guy was more of a Trekkie.

If You Thought Your Ex Was Crazy, Wait Until You Meet The Hannibal Lecter of Relationships

Now with less fava bean and more internal organs.

This Woman Made A Fake Facebook Profile To Catch Her Niece Plotting To Murder Her

Whatever happened to just using Craigslist?

Aaron Hernandez Now Indicted for a 2012 Double Murder

More bad news.

Authorities Say Father Killed Son Over Watching Football

People are terrible. Never forget that. 

Witness Says Aaron Hernandez Pulled Trigger in 2012 Murders

My Fox Boston interviewed a passenger who was in the car and survived the 2012 drive-by-shooting Aaron Hernandez is accused of. The witness said he recognizes

Odin Lloyd’s Chilling Texts the Night He Was Murdered Do Not Bode Well for Aaron Hernandez

Things are not looking good for Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd's last few texts he sent to his sister on the night of his execution-style

LeBron James Just Committed Murder

His words, not mine. Nice package, dude. 

This ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Is Truly Outrageous

What would you do if you walked in on a murder in progress?

Nicky Van Exel, Son of Former NBA Stud Nick, Convicted for Murder and Sentenced to 60 Years in Jail

Sad story here. Nicky Van Exel, who's dad had a great career with the Lakers, Nuggets, Warriors and others (and was a bona fide legend

Authorities Foil Devilish Plot to Castrate and Kill Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden

Clearly not the brainchild of a stable human mind.