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Woman Murders Man After He Sent Her To The Hospital Because His Wang Was Too Gigantic

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This melancholy tale is that of the romantic tryst between 34-year-old Jessica Lewis and 25-year-old Marteese Williams who met on the "Casual Encounters" section of Craiglist, because that is where all modern-day Romeo & Juliet tragedies begin.

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Aaron Hernandez’s Ex-Best Friend Testifies Against Him And Puts Him On Blast


I enjoy doing activities with my best friend like golfing, grabbing a couple cold brewskis, getting rub-and-tugs biweekly, etc.


Man Facing Murder Trial Claims He Thought He Was Shooting An Alligator, Was High On Meth For Days


A 31-year-old from Louisiana is facing a murder trial after he shot and killed another man in the head back in 2013, but as the trial has come to fruition after years the defendant's motives have finally come to light: he claims he was stalking and hunting an alligator, not a human being.

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Check Out This Idiotic Murder Contract Written By A 14-Year-Old To Get His Classmate To Kill His Family


When I’m looking to have my entire family senselessly murdered and staged as a burglary gone wrong the first place I turn to is Craigslist.


Father Tortures, Kills His Daughter’s Alleged Rapist By Burning His Nuts With Tongs


A father in India is staring down the barrel of murder charges after he invited his 14-year-old daughter's alleged rapist over for dinner, then killed him by burning his testicles and strangulation.

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Real-Life Patrick Bateman Made Six-Figures AND Killed Two Hookers After Dining With Hot Chicks Across The Globe


American Psycho is a cult favorite with most men mainly because it’s basically a movie about a rich as fuck dude who hits up hot chicks for threesomes whenever he wants…and then casually murders people on the side.


Farmworkers allegedly kill co-worker by pelting him with oranges


I'm not sure if this joke is appropriate with current events but I'll put it out there anyway.


7 clever tips on how to not get killed when answering a Craigslist ad


  Unless you’re in law enforcement, or an avid fan of murder mystery shows or Nancy Grace, you’re probably not familiar with the term “internet homicide.

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10 creepy serial killers you’ve probably never heard about — until now


It’s terrifying to think that the most sinister and successful serial killers are the ones we’ve never heard of, because they’ve never been captured.

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