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Best GIF You’ll See Today Is Muhammad Ali Dodging 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

This GIF has been making the rounds today in the sports blog world. Like listening to The White Album or watching The Godfather, every once in a while

Epic Rap Battles of History by ‘Key and Peele’ Pits Michael Jordan Against Muhammad Ali

And it's Muhammed Ali striking the lowest blows of this match, making fun of both Jordan's dead dad and the sweatshops that produce his shoes. This is actually

7 Pre-Internet Celebrities Who Would’ve Dominated the Online World

A little fun for your Thursday. Now that the internet has torn down the wall between celebrity and us normal folk, we no longer have

This Tribute to Muhammad Ali Gives Me Chills

If I could come back in the next life to witness any sporting event, I really think it'd be Ali and Frazier at the Garden in