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Stop Everything! We’ve Found the Best Mugshot of 2013

Randall 'Pink' Floyd... just killin' it.

I Can’t Stop Looking at this 425-Pound Man’s Mugshot

I'm so perplexed by sight of him that I can't turn away. I want to, but I'm riveted by this human pelican. If you care

Man with ‘F-You’ Tattooed On His Forehead Busted For Cashing a Stolen Church Check

His name is Patrick Brooks. As you can see from his mugshot, cashing a stolen church check was clearly not his first bad life choice.

Florida Man Attacks Woman with Swim Noodle After Dispute Over Watermelon

Everyone knows it's not summer without a quality noodle fight. But this old dude takes it to another

What Has Two Thumbs and Got Arrested for Getting a Blow Job in Public?

Public blow jobs are a right of passage. A wave goodbye to adolescence as you take an eight-pulsed waltz

This Portland Man’s Mugshot Will Give You Nightmares

This morning Deadspin tipped us off to Mark David Siebenmorgen's terrifying mugshot. According to

Guy with a ‘Got Beer’ Tattoo on His Forehead Arrested For Being a Doucheclown

Last month we showed you the mugshot of a white trash lunatic from Iowa who had a radio station's call