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Stop Everything! We’ve Found the Best Mugshot of 2013

Randall 'Pink' Floyd... just killin' it.

I Can’t Stop Looking at this 425-Pound Man’s Mugshot

I'm so perplexed by sight of him that I can't turn away. I want to, but I'm riveted by this human pelican. If you care

Man with ‘F-You’ Tattooed On His Forehead Busted For Cashing a Stolen Church Check

His name is Patrick Brooks. As you can see from his mugshot, cashing a stolen church check was clearly not his first bad life choice.

Florida Man Attacks Woman with Swim Noodle After Dispute Over Watermelon

Everyone knows it's not summer without a quality noodle fight. But this old dude takes it to another level. Karl Ludwig Eichner, 68, got upset

What Has Two Thumbs and Got Arrested for Getting a Blow Job in Public?

Public blow jobs are a right of passage. A wave goodbye to adolescence as you take an eight-pulsed waltz into adulthood. It's an accomplishment. Something you

This Portland Man’s Mugshot Will Give You Nightmares

This morning Deadspin tipped us off to Mark David Siebenmorgen's terrifying mugshot. According to Oregon Live, he's being held in Clackamas County Jail on charges

Guy with a ‘Got Beer’ Tattoo on His Forehead Arrested For Being a Doucheclown

Last month we showed you the mugshot of a white trash lunatic from Iowa who had a radio station's call numbers tattooed on his head.