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This Woman’s Shocked Face Mugshot Is Going To Live Online Forever

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Every now and then someone gets arrested and their mugshot transcends whatever crimes they may or may not have committed.

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Woman Arrested For Crystal Meth Was Wearing The Most Perfect Shirt EVER


Forget that other perfectly attired criminal you saw earlier today and feast your eyes on this woman, Deborah Asher, who got arrested for possession of crystal meth while wearing a freaking "I Love Crystal Meth" t-shirt.

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Congratulations, Florida! You Should Be Very Proud Of This Mug Shot


Hallandale, Florida resident, Arie Patterson was arrested last Thursday on a suspicion of theft charge.

Ohio State

Greg Oden Arrested, Accused of Punching His Ex-Girlfriend


Greg Oden was arrested early this morning in Lawrence, Ind.

university of iowa

Finally, @Vodka_Samm’s Mug Shot After Blowing a .341 BAC Hits the Web


Well, you just freakin' knew Vodka Sam's mugshot would inevitable hit the web, didn't you.

Stupid criminals

The 20 dumbest criminals of 2012


From the “naked cowgirl” who cops say led them on a slow-speed chase in the buff and boots, to a guy who allegedly pulled a gun on a neighbor for farting, these are the dumbest criminals of 2012.

Weird Florida

Man allegedly squirts soap in girlfriend’s mouth to stop cussing


John Caruso had a problem with the way his girlfriend swore like a sailor.

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The 50 greatest celebrity mug shots of all time


As you may have heard, Randy Travis is the latest in a long line of celebrities to run afoul of the law, resulting in a great celebrity mug shot.


The Best Face Tattoo Mug Shots (So Far) of 2011


If you have a face tattoo, the odds of you one day being arrested are staggeringly good.

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