celebrity deathmatch

MTV’s ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Is Making A Return, And So Is Getting Hammered In Your Buddy’s Parents Basement


Remember back in the day when you and your boys were huddled around AIM Instant Messenger trying to get your fingers wet with Becky and her friends.

tv shows

Childhood Ruined: So Apparently MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’ Was Fake

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There are a few MTV shows I watched with hypnotic fascination as a 15-year-old: Room Raiders was one, as was MTV Cribs and Punk'd.

TV shows

MTV Has A TV Show Called ‘One Bad Choice’ And The First Episode Is About Duke Porn Star Belle Knox


Remember Belle Knox, the porn star from Duke University who dominated the news last spring.

The State

Ken Marino’s Kids Greet Strangers By Yelling His Catchphrase ‘I Wanna Dip My Balls In It!’ At Them


Long before there was Wet Hot American Summer and Reno 911 and Stella there was The State on MTV.


Here Are the Anti-Racism PSAs MTV Will Air During Tonight’s VMAs


Because anti-racism is a stance we need to take.


Beer thief sued by fellow bro on MTV’s ‘Guy Court’


If there was a problem, yo I'll solve it.

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