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Here Are the Anti-Racism PSAs MTV Will Air During Tonight’s VMAs

Because anti-racism is a stance we need to take.

Conan O’Brien Went Hunting for Celebrity Cameos at the MTV Movie Awards

He sees famous people.

The Trailer For Season Five of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Is Here To Remind You That Condoms Aren’t So Bad

First off, holy shit! There have been nine seasons of Teen Mom?? Four seasons of Teen Mom 1 and now the fifth season of Teen Mom 2. 

Miley Cyrus Smoked a Joint On Stage at the MTV EMAs After Winning For Best Video

God, Miley Cyrus is sooooooo cool, you guys. She's got more edge than that guy in U2 whose name is EDGE. Pulling out a marijuana

‘True Life: My Dad is a Bro’ Premiers This Saturday on MTV!

My Dad is a Bro. First came the BroBible.com Father's Day contest, then the Tumblr blog, and soon a book published by Simon & Schuster.

What If There Was a Dating Show About Facebook Stalking?

Ah, the ghosts of social media past. Curiously, MTV is "going there" with it's new dating show for 20-somethingss, The Hook Up. It's basically a dating

Two Girls, One Show About Bros

MTV's newest show takes on Bro culture in New York City, in the most unexpected way. 

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Went on an Epic Rant About Miley Cyrus’s ‘Deeply Disturbing’ VMA Twerk-Fest

Look, the only thing worth talking about this morning is Miley Cyrus's disturbing VMA twerk-fest last night, in which she humped teddy bears, felt herself

Miley Cyrus Twerked EVERYWHERE In Weirdest VMA Performance Of All Time

Well, Miley Cyrus wins the award for the most WTF?!?!?!? performance of the night. Cyrus took the stage at the Barclay's Center to perform "We

MTV to Delve Into Further ‘Sexcapades’ with New Reality Show About Virgins

This is what happens when no one—NONE OF YOU, DAMMIT—watches Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous: MTV has doubled-down on its reality show offerings, ordering

MTV’s Kennedy Claims Michael Jordan Tried to Win Her Virginity With a Dice Game

Kennedy was the hottest MTV VJ in the mid-90s. She was such a cultural force that she was granted an audience with Michael Jordan and

MTV Has Made a Great Show Making Fun of Itself. People Should Watch.

Last December, I participated in this MTV panel/focus group/thing I’m now bragging about. Its main intention was to pick the brains

Watch Will Ferrell’s ‘Comedic Genius’ Award Speech at the ‘MTV Movie Awards’

And the awkward moment of the night for a shitty award show no one cares about goes to... Aubrey Plaza, the 28-year-old 'Parks and Recreation' actress

Guess What Hot MTV Celebrity Has a Sex Tape for Sale?

A sex tape featuring the MTV star is being shopped to various porn companies, including Vivid Entertainment. Any guesses who it is? 

LAST CHANCE, BROS: MTV Is Now Casting for BroBible’s ‘My Dad is a Bro!’ TV Show

Is your Dad a party animal who puts you and your friends to shame? Does he have an over-the-top personality as he flirts his way

MTV Finally Reveals the Number 2 and Numer 1 ‘Hottest MCs In The Game’

Everyone's finally going to chill out over this list now, right? 

Our Boy A$AP Rocky Is Pissed He Isn’t Number One On MTV’s Hottest MC’s List Too

Kanye isn't the only one who's mad about this stupid MTV MC list/publicity grab. BroBible footwear fashion consultant A$AP Rocky is pissed he's not Number 1

Want to Achieve Undeserved Fame by Bandwagoning on a Hot Trend? Apply for Season 2 of ‘Catfish’

Even before that everyone started discussing the strange personal life of a Notre Dame Football player, MTV's 'Catfish' was making some pretty decent noise in

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Washington Heights’ a New Original Series from MTV

Flashes of "How to Make it in America." Will "Washington Heights" be able to channel the energy that comes with #thedailygrind, being #addictedtosuccess, and #thestruggle?

This Will be the Last Season of ‘Jersey Shore’

Society is really getting its act together, I tell ya.

MTV To Make Reality Show on Fake Internet Relationships

"Catfish" was a documentary-style film that explored the complexities of falsified online relationships, showing how easy it is for people on the internet pretend they're

MTV VMAs Add Best Electronic Dance Music Video Category

The VMAs are notoriously full of suck, but, interestingly enough, turned some heads this morning by adding the first ever Electronic Dance Music category. Obviously

The Beavis and Butthead Video Glossary

In honor of Beavis and Butthead's return to MTV tomorrow night, we've created a helpful educational video to reacquaint yourself with the animated

‘Swag Syndrome’ Is Becoming An Epidemic

Swag through the roof! Mopping the floor with all that swag! Swaggasaurus rex! "Swag" is the go-to hackneyed buzzword on everyone's lips these days. It's

Yes, Those Were Women’s Jeggings Lil’ Wayne Wore At the VMA’s on Sunday

Hey, remember those leopard-print pants Lil' Wayne rocked at the VMA's the other night? Yeah, those were women's jeggings. Yes, as in, jeans + leggings

Which VMA Performance Was Better: Kanye West And Jay-Z Or Lil Wayne?

As you're probably aware, last night was the MTV Video Music Awards. Lots of big things happened!

The 30 Best Fights, Feuds, and Flip-Outs in MTV History

Thirty years ago today, at 12:01 a.m., MTV flipped a switch and began its broadcast with John Lack's immortal words -- "Ladies and gentlemen,

Watch a Trailer for MTV’s ‘Bridge & Tunnel,’ the ‘Jersey Shore’-Esque Show That Never Made It To TV

Once upon a time, oh, about two years ago, the orange-skinned pop cultural grim known as "The Jersey Shore" ceased to exist. It was a

Beavis and Butthead Return at ComicCon, Immediately Rip on ‘Jersey Shore’

"Beavis and Butt-head" are back! The last episode of the MTV animated classic ran on November 28, 1997, but on Thursday the animated duo triumphantly