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The 20 Most Expensive Colleges in America

$61,977 to go to NYU. My jaw just hit the floor... 

Can You Survive the Wrath of a Fart Attack?

Quit pretending you're so grown-up and just admit it: Farts are funny. It's tough to find a way to make farts even more hilarious than

The 24 Most Passive-Aggressive Roommates Ever

We've all had a roommate from hell who never does anything. Heck, maybe you're the roommate from hell who never does anything. Still... These notes are

21 Signs You’re In a College Town

Asher Roth's "I Love College" on repeat at every house party you go to. 

The Summer After Graduating High School Vs. The Summer After Graduating College

Graduating from something is exciting, until it stops being exciting...